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Built for strength to withstand hard use, this low

oriced electric guitar is a tough value to beat. Adjust

tone an octave while playing with swing arm tremolo.

Dual pickups, 1 volume, 1 tone control. Adjustable

bridge. Polyester finish, hardwood neck. 10 ft. amp

: ord, neck strap, pick, instr. incl.


Note below.

'57E 14051C-5hpg. wt. 7 lbs ... $69.99



With these professional-quality_ electric guitars,

rou can really rock and roll. Swing arm tremolo lets you

3djust tone an octave. Each has reinforced neck with

3djustable steel rod, adjustable bridge. Inlaid position

markers help you find your fret. 10-ft. amp cord,

neck strap, pick, instr. incl. See Note below.

B. New At Sears!

You'll shine in any performance with

this sunburst-shaped guitar with hardwood and ash body.


in-linegold-coloredmachine heads adjust steel strings.

1-position toggle switch controls 2 double-wound open

oickups as well as 2 tone and 1 volume controls.

S7 E 1480L- Shpg. wt.


lbs ... $139.99

'57 E 132BC-Chipboard case. Wt. B lbs. . .$19.99


You'll look and sound great as you play this sharp

rooking guitar. Control distortion, phase, wah delay,

vibrato and chorus effects, all synthesized by the built-in

ore-amp (uses 9-v. battery, incl.). 2 Powersound®hi-gain

distortion pickups. Volume, tone and speed controls,

hardwood body, 1B-way thru-the-body adjustable bridge.

Gibson®Equa steel strings improve sound.

57E 14901L-Wt. 10/bs. Boz... $179.99

Guitar like (C) above without tremolo.

57 E 1490L- Shpg. wt. 10 lbs. B oz... $149.99

57 E 1332-Chipboard case. Wt. B lbs ... $19.99

D and E.

These professiona/:<1.uality electric instruments


bassline effectiveness. Each has an adjustable

lee/ neck rod. Adjustable bridges and rosewood

ingerboards enhance the looks and sound. Inlaid position

1arkers help you find your fret. 10-ft. amp cord, neck

trap, pick, instr. incl. See ore below.

. Save $50.

Cort headless bass features a tuning

ystem licensed by Steinberger, controlled by easy-to–

urn knobs at the bottom of the instrument. Front, back

md sides are durable hardwood with a tough polyester

inish. Two Powersound®hi-gain pickups: 1 regular,


split. Two tone, 1 volume control knobs. 4 extra

lip-in, slide-out double ball end strings, music

xJok, pick, vinyl bag incl. Was $279.99 in our 19B5

all Big Book, p. 1045. Wt. B lbs. 10 oz.

7E 1496C-Black ..


$229.99 57E1497C-White.




Conventional-look bass with Powersound®hi-gain split

tyle pickup with 1 volume, 1 tone control delivers


the "bottom" sound you'll need. Hardwood body

eatures tough polyester finish and ebonized rosewood

ingerboard. 4 steel strings incl.

7 E 1477C-Shpg. wt. B lbs ... $99.99

thru H.

Save $10 to $20 on these amps when you also


electric guitar on this


Each amp has 2

nputs; one of (G)'s is for electronic keyboard only (seep.

96). Pilot light (except on F). Vinyl-covered hardboard,

lack grille cloth. THO of less than



Note below.


Two-watt guitar amp


Dynamic 10-w. amp

as separate volume tone

has response of 100 Hz to

ontrols. Response range

20 KHz. Separate volume,

f 100 Hz to B KHz. 6-in.

tone, distortion controls.

Ound speaker. Wt. 9 lbs.

10-in. speaker. Wt. 1B lbs.

7E1417- Alone.. .$49.99

57E1430C-Alone... $119.99

ith any electric

With any electric


... $39.99

guitar... $99.99


ow for you bass players, we offer a 12.5-w. amp

hat's like (G) above but with response of 100Hz to 5KHz.

eparate volume, bass, tone and treble controls. 12-in.

ass response speaker. Shpg. wt. 19 lbs.

7 E 1460C-Alone... $119.99

ith any bass guitar... $99.99

- New at Sears!

This little box is really a 3-effects


with chorus, analog delay and distortion


well as full mixing capability. Use it with headphones

or practicing or with any amp. Use it with 2 amps for

tereo effect. 5 control knobs along with master volume

et you do the mixing. Cast aluminum base.


Note below.

7 E 1443- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs .





at Sears!

It's the Sharp® .QP.lion in peformance-

14-w. amp (response range BO Hz to 10 KHz, THO 596)

ith built-in PA system and tape player/recorder. Amp

eatures 6!7-in. full range speaker. Cassette features

ariable speed control, Auto Program Selection System

APSS), auto record level. Three channel mixer. Vinyl

overed hardboard. Use AC adapter or 10 " D" batteries

old on p. 459 or external 12-v. DC.


Note below.

7E 1442C-Shipping weight 23 pounds... $249.99

ike (not shown) with 150 Hz to 7 KHz response.

7 E61102-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 5 oz.



OTE: lmporred. Warranred by Sears, (KJ by manufacturer. wnre

or free copy, seep.