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A thru D.

Get one-button dialin& last number redial with

!QJ]£/pulse switching. Compatible with MC/ft/ Sprint.


There's flash which gives a timed break for accessing

special phone company services like call waiting,

pause lets you program a delay in the dialing memory.

Mute button on (8) and (CJ temporarily disconnects

the microphone so caller can't hear you. Desk/wall

convertible. Ringer control, modular installation.

Hearing aid compatible. FCC registered.

See Installation ore on page 624.


Priced $S less than similar model


707J in

our 1985 Fall Big Book. This autodialer/ telephone

offers 20-number memory system of up to 16 digits each,

including J emergency numbers. Hold function puts caller

on hold, hang up receiver without disconnecting


releases from any extension. Warranted by Sears.•

Similar model $J4.99

J EJ4751-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 7 oz... $29.99


Cut $20. Speakerphone has a 20-number memory

including J emergency numbers; even redial busy numbers

up to 10 times automatically (once a minute for 10 minutes).

On-hook dialing and hold button.


adapter included.

Warranted by Sears. • Was $79.99 in our 1985 Fall

Big Book, page 107J.

J EJ4771-Shpg.


J lbs. J oz.. .$59.99


Priced $20 less than similar model


on p. 1072 in our

1985 Fall Big Book. The XE 40 speakerphone has JO-number

memory with chain dialing ofup to J programmed numbers


ideal for MCI '/Sprintft dialing. On-hook dialing.

Warranted by Unider.•Similar model $99.99.

J EJ4804-Shpg.


J lbs. 12 oz. .. $79-99


Cut 520. The Touch-A-Marie 1600has 16-numbermemory

and LCD readout featuring time, date, number called and call

length. Battery backup uses 4

"AA "

batteries, included.

Warranted by Western Electric Company •. Was $119.99 in

our 1985 Fall Big


page 1072.

J E24527-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. .$99.99





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