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Hi-tech looks are only the beginning, This cube-shaped boom box is chock full of features like

hi-speed dubbing to record your favorite tapes in halfthe time. 5-bandgraphic equalizer customizes

sound to your taste, bringing out the best of bass, treble and midrange in your favorite music.

3-way detachable speakers have 35/s-in. woofers, 'J-4 -in. tweeters for maximum stereo sound.

Play regular or great-sounding metal tapes. Auto record level, tape counter, pause functions

for added convenience. Uses


" C '

balleries, sold on page 459.

See ote below. Was $149. 99 in our 1985 "AT" August Sale Book, page 26.

57 E21385C- Shipping weight 12 pounds ..



NOTE. lmponed. Warranted by Sears, write for free copy, see page 335