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Introducing the

Swatch® twinphone


Phone-cascic! 2 people can talk on the same

phone at che same time, because the base is a

phone as well. Mute button. Lase number re–

dial. Warranted*. See Note below.

3 E 34109-Sherbec (Pink)

3 E 34108-Pinscripes (Black)

We. 2.20 lbs .. .. . . . .... . . . . . . . . . . .


Noce: Pulse/cone swicchable. Hearing aid compatible. FCC

registered. Noc for use on party lines. Imported.

*Write for free copy, see p. 11.


Wings™ child


9. Now your little one can sleep comfortably

and securely while traveling. SlumberWings™

cradles your child's head, allowing him to re–

main secure in seat belt or shoulder harness.

Lightweight and portable. Use with most seats,

seat belt or booster seat. lnscalls with Scotch–

mate® fastening system. Durable crosslink pol–

yethylene covered in cotton terry cloth. Hand

wash and hang dry. 123/4x9



3/4 in.

28 E 32960-Wt. 1.30 lbs

. . ... . ...




New from Panasonic...

The cordless phone

with answering system




and Sound Charger™

8. The convenienq: of a cordless phone and an

answerer in one sleek unit.

The cordless phone

features Sound Charger™ co filter out back–

ground noise and enhance sound qualiry. 10

channel access lees you receive the best possible

reception. Access your messages or screen calls

from the portable handset. Standby battery life of

up to 7 days without recharging, 2-way paging

between base unit and handset, 2-way and memo

recording, retractable flexible rubber antenna on

handset, speed dialing for up to 10 phone num–

bers and one-couch redial.




tem/base unit

features LED readout for number

of calls, Out Going Message tape counter and

OGM error, plus an 11-function cone remote

control system. Incoming message is voice acti–

vated...records up to 2 minutes per message.

Message alert beeps afrer new messages are re–

corded. One-couch message playback. Automatic

interrupt stops greeting and re-sets machine

when you pick up the phone.. Can be set to an–

swer after 2 or 4 rings, or coll-saver co indicate

you have a message without connecting. Ocher

features of chis unit include coll-saver, calling

party control, auto security system and 3 user–

seleccable digital security codes. Operates on 46-

49 MHz. Warranted*. See Note, left.

3 E 34916--Wt. 3.31 lbs ... . ...... .


Minolta binoculars

10. The world's first continuous aurofocus

binoculars. Touch the AF button and subjects

from 9.18 ft. co infinity snap into precise focus.

Hold the button down and even fast moving

objects remain clearly focused. Autofocusing is

so precise, eyestrain is virtually eliminated. Di–

opter adjustment conuols let user preset to own

eye-width. lOx magnification. 25mm lens size.

Field of view at 1000 yards: 273 ft. Ltd. 5


warranry by mfr.* Allow 10 days for delivery.

F 6 E 22518-Wt. 1.19 lbs ........


Instant heat

for your car


11. You don't need to wait for your car to

warm up with new Auto Heat™. Plugs into

your cigarette lighter on 6-ft. cord. Heats in–

terior fast: place it on the floor to warm feet;

use on dashboard or rear window deck for

quick defrost; clip onto map pocket or visor

(clip incl.). Safety limit switch. 600 BTU ca–


28 E 34739-Wt. 2.00 lb .. ...



When you buy 2 or more

. .. ..