Eleven New Catalogs Added to the Archive!!

It’s mid-March and I’m so excited to announce that today, no less than eleven new catalogs have been added to WishbookWeb!

They are (in order of year):

1948 Sears, 1959 FAO Schwarz, 1967 JCPenney, 1973 Canadian Simpson-Sears, 1975 Eatons, 1977 Sears, 1989 Sears, 1990 JCPenney, 1991 Sears, 1994 JCPenney, and the 1996 JCPenney.

The 1991 Sears Wishbook comes in at a whopping 806 pages, by far the largest of the Christmas catalogs currently found on the site.  With these new additions, the current count on the site stands at fifty-seven complete Christmas catalogs, amounting to 25,617 scanned pages!  Wow!

Head on over the The Catalogs page to check them out!

This latest batch of catalogs comes courtesy of WishbookWeb co-founder (and my good friend), Alan Angerbauer.  Alan’s been working on those scans for some time (they amount to his backlog going back over a year), so please don’t expect that we’ll be adding quite THIS much new content on a regular basis – today’s new catalog additions amount to 5,500 scanned pages!  Even so, we do hope to keep updating and adding to the archive on a regular basis.  I’ve got a good sized backlog of unscanned catalogs to get to here, myself.  So I’d better get back to work.  See you next time!   -Jason

3 Replies to “Eleven New Catalogs Added to the Archive!!”

  1. This website is so fantastic…thanks for all your hard work in creating this archive of old catalogs…can’t wait to hopefully see Canadian Eatons catalogs from the 60’s….thanks

  2. This is just the best site. If I want to relax and forget the world for awhile, this is where I head. The only problem is I sometimes don’t re-emerge till several hours later!

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