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Frien<tly "See-'em-Walk" Doggie


Doggie actually waggles


along like a puppy on a leash

as chikl pulls string. Imagine

the thrill they will get by

owning a toy of this kind. They'll spend

hours pulling the dog along and watching

him follow them. The fascinating leg

action is captivating. Made of stur<ly

molded composition, shaped and painted

like a real dog. Overall size, 1lx7 Y,x4 in.

This is a toy that little tots love to get

because it is so true-to-life and full of

action. Shipping weight, 1 lb. 8 oz.



5449.. ....

. ..


Ride or pull this Toy Horse

Colorfull1' painted all


wood horse. Tots can

sit and "pedal-'.!... with



rolling wheels. Realistic

11orses head. Cloth reins. Over–

all 14!'.xl7x8 in. Seat 7!'. in.

from floor. Easy to assembJe.

79N05472-Shpg. wt., 4 lbs. $1.59

Sturdy Floor Toys please active tots

Ferris Wheel Pull Toy

A brand new


that makes soft klick klack

noise and has action. Wood wheel painted in

bright carnival colors revolves with clicking

n<'ise as toy is pulled. Sturdy sanded wood. Over–

all size, 13x7x14 inches high.


youngster will

love this colorful pull toy with its star-like wheel

that spins with cubes sliding up and down.

79 N 05434-Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 8 oz ..... ..


All-wood Oil Truck


Realistic. Beauti-


fully finished in

bright colors. For thP

little tots to play at

fuel delivery. Pull cord

included. I lx3x3% in.

Shpg. wt., 1 lb.

49 N 5408 .

. .


Handsome Stick Horse

IDl J{ed an d yel low


wit·h natural wood

horse's head. painted in

detail. Cloth reins. All

wood, 2 solid wheels,

stu rdy shaft. Lgth., 32 in.

Shpg. wt .. 1 lb. 4 oz.

79 N06410.. ......