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Irresistible Gift Combinations by Max Factor and Coty

Famous Perfumes by Coty are

always favorite gifts. 4/ 5-oz.

bottle in rayon case. Postpaid.

8 N 4146E-L'Aimant


8 N 4127E-L'Origan...... $9.00

8 N 4138E-Emeraude. . . . . 9.00

2-Pc. Coty Set-2Y,-oz. face pow–

der and I/5-oz. perfume. The fine

textured powder clings for hours;

the perfumes are exquisitely scented.

Choice of Emeraude, Paris or L'Ori–

gan. In novelty box.Postpaid.

4-Pc. Coty Set-2Y,-oz. box of face

powder, sub-deb lipstick and regu–

lar size rouge-all in a harmonizing

medium shade, plus 1/5-oz. per–


State scent:

L'Origan, Paris

or Emeraude. In gift box.

Max Factor 3-piece Set. Large sizes powder, lip–

stick and rouge in shades, blended to

give a flattering color match. Max Factor, famous

beauty authority of Hollywood, created this beauty

kit in 4 shades . . . for the brunette, brownette,

blonde or red head. Postpaid.

8 N 4152E-Paris......... 9.00

8 N

9608E-State scent .



8 N 9610E-Postpaid ......


8 N

9638E-Please state shade. ..

3-piece set


Glamour to give away on Christmas morning

Exciting Perfumes and Cosmetic Sets


Evening in Paris 5-piece Set. Such

a romantic way of telling her how

much you think of her. This well–

known fragrance made up in these ex–

citing pieces: I-dram perfume that is

appealing both day and night; a

lighter version of the same delightful

fragrance in I-ounce bottle cologne;

3Y.-ounce talc for after bath care; and

regular size of medium shade lipstick

and rouge in new metal cases. Each

piece nestles in attractive soft rayon

lining. Saucy little figures make box

unusually gay. A lovely gift for a

lovely lady.

8 N 9606E-Postpaid. 5-pcs.



Evening in Paris 3-piece Set. A

goorgeous set that refreshes for

hours. Christmas wrappings make

this lovely combination extra attrac–

tive for gifts. Contains I-dram per–

fume in flacon, I-ounce cologne and

3Y.-ounce talc-all in the same ro–

mantic fragrance.

8 N 9603E- Postpaid ..... Set



Evening in Paris 2-piece Set.


dram perfume in tasselled flacon

and I-oz. bottle of cologne. Both in

the same famous fragrance ... slight–

ly flirtatious and appealing.

8 N 4807E-Postpaid .. . .Set



Old Spice Trunk Box ... filled to

the top with good grooming. Just

like an old fashioned trunk with a

tray that lifts right out of the box.

Pieces on top part include 4-oz. cool–

ing, refreshing toilet water and a

metal atomizer that screws in top of

bottle ... 2h'-oz. tube bath salts for a

stimulating bath. Bottom layer con–

tains I-oz. tube silken-soft talc ...



body sachet for extra allure

... I bar guest soap ... and handy

bottle smelling salts. Price includes

57c Federal Tax. Postpaid.

8 N 9698 ....... .Trunk box





federal Tax where

"E" is


to catalog







- -














Old Spice Tissue Box. A tempting

surprise for Christmas morning ...

4 pieces in one. 3 cakes delicately

scented toilet soap and 3Y,-oz. box

talcum in a gayly decorated tissue box.

Price includes I Oc Fed. Tax.

8 N 5525-Postpaid ... . ....



Old Spice Homestead Box.


favorite Christmas gift . . . from

Junior Miss to grandmother. Con–

tains 4-oz. toilet water and 7-oz. dust–

ing powder. Grand box to use later

for handkerchiefs.

8 N 5529E-Postpaid .... Set




11 .