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you the best in reeorded JDosie!

Here's why the Silvertone Record Club

such superb music on such fine quality

records at such tremendous savings

When Vinylite records were perfected we immediately

recognized that here were reproductions that gave depth of

tone never before achieved in phonograph music-faithful–

ness and clarity of almost unbelievable beauty, complete

absence of surface and scratching noises. They were musical

perfections on plastic discs. One can not hear a Vinylite with–

out marveling at the greatest of all record development.

True, they were more costly. Just had to be. Materials

were much more expensive. Pressings were slower and more

costly. After all, we recognized you couldn't get all this added

tonal value plus longer life plus what amounted to indes–

tructibility-for Vinylite is practically unbreakable-without

added expense. We were confident that you, the buying pub–

lic, would gladly pay the difference and feel you had made a

worthwhile investment.

Then it occurred to us that a way could be found to lower

cost. Why not organize a Record Club similar to the Sears

Peoples Book Club which has brought great economies to

book lovers. We explored the possibilities, made careful in–

vestigations, talking to record users all over the country. The

answers were favorable. Then we approached an outstand–

ing l<'ader in the record field, a company of nation-wide repu–

tation not only for record making but with an equally enviable

reputation in the musical field. Theywere enthusiastic.

So the Silvertone Record Club was born. A completely

new plant with new, modern machinery was contracted for.

Artists and musicians, composers and arrangers were selected

A jury of experts was appointed to choose the titles tha·.

would be recorded. All details of the Record Club wen

worked out and now, today, as you read this the first of the

new records, the last word in musical reproductions, are com-

ing from the presses.

Yes, we did manage to lower the cost. Not by short cuts in

manufacturing, not by economies in orchestrations or vocal–

ists, but solely by our confidence in the constant volume we

know is possible by the members of the Silvertone Record

Club. The savings we make as a result of your membership

we pass on to you and only to you as a Club member.

How the


Record Club operates-


You can join by simply filling out the post card on the

preceding page and mailing it to Sears, Roebuck and Co.


The prices quoted here are available only to Club members.


After you have placed your first order you will receive

every month a copy of "The Silvertone Voice", our monthly

club magazine, describing the four new records of the month.

A selection slip will be enclosed so that you can easily and

quickly indicate which records you want.


You need make only 4 purchases a year of two records each

to maintain your membership and participate in these savings!


Any member may purchase as many records (in groups of

two) as he wants and will continue to get 1 bonus record for

every 4 records he buys.


• THAT every Silvertone Record Club selec–

tion gives you the finest quality recorded

music that con be produced.

• THAT Silvertone Vinylite records will not

break if dropped or bent.

• THAT Silvertone Vinylite records retain

their glorious tone quality



longer than ordinary records.

• THAT you will be completely satisfied

in every way, money bock if you're not.

You pay for only two records

hut as a new member you get

12-ineh Vinylite records

a ,6.00 value




when you join Sears

New Silvertone Record Club









. .