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Orvin lapel and bracelet watches

• Ser ves dual purpose as smart accessory and useful timepiece

• Every movement double-tested for accuracy in timing


Wishbone style lapel watch. Stunning rose color tOK rolled gold

plate case has silvered dial with gilt numerals and hands. High crystal.

Dainty rose and green 1/ 20 12K gold filled pin, safety catch.

4 N 170-7-jewel Orvin m0vement. Shipping weight 9 oz . . . . . $ 19.95


Checker pendant lapel watch. Modern, gleaming case of solid 14K

rose gold, matching checker-bar pendant with safety clasp. Fine

17-jewel movement. Easy-to-see, upside-down-dial. Rose dial with gold

color numerals and ruby color hour markers. High domed crystal.

4 N 0172-17-jewel Orvin movement. Shipping weight 9 oz.....



Bowknot style lapel watch. Rose color 10K rolled gold plate case.

R ose dial, gold color numerals, ruby hour markers. Black hands.

Domed crystal. Rose and green 1/ 20 12K gold filled pin has safety clasp.

4 N 0171 -7-jewel Orvin movement. Shipping weight 9 oz . .. . $2 1.95


Basket weave bracelet watch. Rose color 10K rolled gold plate c'ase.

R ose dial has gilt Roman numerals, ruby hour markers. !,{-inch crys–

tal has spark.ling beveled edge. Ji-in. wide band has safety clasp.

4 N 0173- 7-jewel Orvin.

State wrist si;:,e.

Shpg. wt. 9 oz ... .. . $29.75


Woven link bracelet watch. Rose color 10K rolled gold plate case

has rose dial, black numerals and hands. Domed crystal. Safety catch.

4 N


-7-jewel Orvin.

State wrist size.

Shpg. wt. 9 oz .

. .. $34.95

Watches shown


actual size; prices include 10% Federal Tax.

New beauties ! Compac t s and Cigarette Cases

Jewel Box

Handsome jewel box ";th

lock and key to provide safety

for her treasured pieces. Re–

movable tray is partitioned;

deep bottom for other jewelry.

Simulated leather cover has

gold color line trim. Felt

lined throughout. 10x7x3;)11


State color:

red or blue.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz.


... .. ....... .



Smartcigarette case for

her purse. All gold col–

or metal polished to a

satiny luster. Metal strip

holds 12 standard size cig–

arettes securely in place.

Push-button catch for easy

opening. Size 4x3 inches.

4 N 4731 - Wt. 5 oz.. $1.98





. . . two mirrors, for only



Crystal clear and love–

ly. One mirror on top, one

inside. Deep powder com–

partment 2}'.,'. in. diameter.

Overall size 4


in. Mesh

sifter. Soft puff.

4 N 4730- Shpg. wt. 5 oz. 98c


Re x Compact a nd Cigarette Case- the name that's na–

tionally known for quality and beauty. Of hand


gold color metal with rich-looking engine-turned designs

that are ever so attractive. Designs vary slightly.

Compact has full mirror and large sifter powder section

complete with puff. Push-button catch. Size 3x3 inches.

Cigarette case holds 12 standard cigarettes. Metal arm

keeps cigarettes in place. Push-button catch. 4x3 in.

4N4732-Compact and case in box. Shpg. wt.8 oz. Set$4.98


Rex compact . . . big,

smart-looking. All gold

color metal, floral design on

enamel ground in white, red,

blue or black. Designs may

vary. 4-in. diam., full mirror.

Sifter style. Push- button


Stale color.

4N4729-Shpg. wt. 5 oz.$ 1.89


Elgin Ame rican designs a

book shape compact in a

convenient size. All gold

color metal case with pol–

ished design on lustrous sat–

in-finished top. Metal cover

on powder compartment.

Soft puff. Size 3x2;)1\ in.

4N471 7-Shpg. wt. 5 oz.$4.98

Do your

Chri•tmas shopping






complete details, see page

2 31


this book


Elgin American compact,

a masterpiece of styling.

Jewel-like satin-finished gold

color metal case has exquisite

floral design. Slim, tapered

edges. Metal cover over pow–

der compartment. 3 Ji-inch

diameter. Full, clear mirror.

4 N 471 9-Shpg. wt. 5 oz. $7.98


Elgin American metal ciga-

rette case matches the ex–

quisite design on compact at


Both have the same

gleaming gold color finish.

Holds 10 standard cigarettes.

Size 3J.tx3 inches. Buy com–

pact and case for a smart gift.

4 N 4718-Shpg. wt. 5 oz .$5.98




. .