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Choose Tower Christmas Cards

Printed with your name to wish your friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Remember all your friends


the Christmas season with beautiful Tower Christmas cards. By or–

dering early, you can have your cards printed with your name and ready to mail before the bustle

of the holidays begins ... and you can be sure of getting the attractive assortments you want.

HOW TO ORDER: Printed cards shipped from nearest mail order house in about 15 days. Print

name clearly in body of order. Only one name for each box. No C.0.D. orders accepted. Or–

ders for printed cards must be received before Dec.


Cards without name shipped promptly.

Colorful Christmas Folders •• at low prices

With name printed

• 10 lovely designs, 5 cards of each

• Clever cards in attractive colors

•Size 4;.-;;'x5).-4" in.; popular 4-fold style

• With or without your printed name

Bright-colored Tower Christmas Cards. To be remembered by dear

friends is one of the greatest pleasures of the holiday season.

Let your friends know you are thinking of them with an attrac–

tive card from this grand assortment. Each one carries a holi–

day greeting ... a special wish that is as warm and friendly as

a Yule fire. Selection includes five cards each of ten com–

pletely different designs, all printed with happy Christmas

scenes in gay colors. This large group of 50 cards and 50 match–

ing envelopes will provide you with a festive card for everyone

on your Christmas list. Shipping weight each box 1 pound.

3 NR


cards with name, 50 envelopes ...... ..... ... . .... 92c

3 N 5650-50 cards without name, 50 envelopes . ..... . . ... . ..... 66c






Your choice of two Christmas Card Assortments

• 5 exclusive designs; 5 cards of each design

• Embossed for even greater loveliness

• 4-fold French style; size 4:}{x5;}{ inches

With name


• Your choice ... plain or with your name

Tower Traditional Cards to say

"Happy Holidays-1946." Made

in 4-fold style with beautifully

embossed designs in rich holiday

colors; harmonizing sketch and

warm greeting printed inside each

folder. This exclusive assortment

includes 25 cards (5 different de–

signs) and 25 matching.envelopes.

Shipping weight per box 12 oz.

3 NR 5726-25 cards with name 96c

3N5647-25 cards without name. 68c

Religious Christmas Cards that

portray the true meaning of

Christmas. Everyone will appre–

ciate the beauty and significance

of th ese inspirational scenes.

Printed in gorgeous colors wit

an appropriate greeting inITTde.


sortment includes 25 cards (5 di

ferent designs) and 25 matchin,

envelopes. Shpg. wt. box 12 oz

3 NR 5732-25 cards with name


3N5643- 25 cards without name



sure lo



printed Christmas cards early!