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. the hearth now.

'"t\s t\me to trim

to' set the tab\e."


Novel Gifts .. Useful Gifts •.

_from Santa's big bag of presents



5-pc. Teo


Bridge Set .. perfect for


Christmas. Multicolor designs (sim–

ilar to illustration) printed on novelty

weave cotton. Hemmed, laundered.

Cloth, about 34x34 in.; 4 napkins, ea.

abou1 l lxl 1 in. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.

125 N 8111 ....... 5-piece Set $1.98


Hot Dish Pod Set. Floral decal on

ivory color paper, laminated. on

chipboard. Contrasting imitation leath–

er back. Designs (predominately red)

similar to illust. 3 pads (8x6 in. ea.); 1,

7x10in.; 1, 10xl3in. Cellophane wrap–

ped .. boxed. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

125 N 8911 ..... : .. 5-piece Set 89c


Dishcloth Package. Durable lock-


stitched cotton; assorted color bor–

ders. Each 13x13 in. Wrapped in cello–

phane with gay Christmas band.

125N8810-Shpg.wt.5 oz.4 in Pkg. 38C


Dishcloth Gift Package. Firm qual-

ity lock-knit stitch cotton dishcloths

with multicolor borders. Absorbent ...

each a generous 14x17 in. Cellophane

wrapped and banded ... all ready for

Christmas giving.


. 11 oz.

125 N 8812 ........ 5 in Pkg._98c

Clever "Dishcloth Dolls" ... Each doll

has printed cotton 17x3 0-in. towel

"dress", cotton dishcloth "shawl" and

metal pol cleaner "hair-do". Cello–

phane wrapped. Shpg. wt. ea. 12 oz


125 N 8840- "Sissy Doll.''

Painted white doth face ..Each 86c


125N.8841-"Mammy Doll."

Painted black cloth face ..Each 86c


5-pc. Kitchen Set..2 cotton dish tow·

els (ea. 18x32 in.), 1 cotton terry

towel (16x26 in.), 1 lock-knit dishcloth

(15x15 in.), 1 cotton terry pot holder

(7x7 in.). Multicolor stripes on yellow

grounds. Cellophane wrapped; ribbon

tied. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2-0z. Boxed.

125 N 8814 ....... 5-piece Set. $1.98


"Roberto" .. lovely Boudoir


This lovely lady's facial features are

hand painted, mohair wig is softly

curled. Ravon satin lace-trimmed dress

with matching hat. Assorted pastel col–

ors. Composition head, arms and legs.

Cotton felt stuffed body. 28 in. tall.

25· N 04612-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs .. $5.89


Petal Pajama Bog. A decorative

note of colorful beauty for the bou–

doir. Assorted pastel color rayon satin

petals in designs similar to illustration.

Pajamas can be inserted in opening at

back. 15-inch diameter. Boxed.

25N8414-Shpg. wt. 14 oz..Ea. 89c


luncheon Place Mots ... good cheer

for tables. Multicolor printed de–

signs on "Texan" (duPont synthetic

fiber). Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Assorted designs similar to illustration.

125 N 8113-Shpg wt. 14 oz.

s;ze, 10}'2x16_!1 in..Set of 4 for 75c


Quilted Cord Tobie Cover .. a lux-

urious gift idea. Rayon satin quilt–

ed with cotton backing in diamond

pattern. 1_!..2-in. skirt; elastic in cor–

ners for snug fit. 30x30 inches. Boxed.



blue, gold, rose or wine.

125 N 81

12-State color.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. Each .......$2.89


Dishcloth Package ... wrapped in

cellophane. Lock-knit stitch cotton

cloths with multicolor stripes. Each

13x16 in. Shpg. wt. 7 oz.

125 N 8811 ........ 4 in Pkg. 58c


Novelty Pot Holders. Clever and

gay .. neatly tailored.assorted cot·

ton prints; bound edges. Padded for

protection from heat. About 5x7


State s!Jle

"Chick" or "Pan·

ties." Shpg. wt. ea., 1 oz.

125 N 8868-Each 17c.. 4 for 65c


3-pc. Kitchen Set. I cotton crash

dish towel (1flx32 in.), 1 lock-knit

stitch dishcloth (15x15 in.), 1 terry

cloth potholder (7x7 in.). Cellophane

wrapped and ribbon tied. Made by

Cannon Mills. Shpg. wt. 8 oz.

125 N 881 3 ...... 3-piece Set 79c


Printed Dish Towels. Absorbent ...

sturdy .. bleached cotton printed

in charming multicolor designs. 17x

30 in.

State pattern

"Fruit" or "Floral."

State predominating color

red or blue.

Shpg. wt. 12 oz.

125 N 8702 ............ 4 for 96c




Our h:st

Harmony House quality white

muslin. Hems thread drawn like

hand hemstitching. Beautiful multi–

color assorted designs are washfast.

Each pair cellophane wrapped.


N 7887-Cutsi.i:e42x36 in.

Shpg., wt. 11 oz... . ... . . Pair $2.49


Gift Pillow Covers. For that special

someone. Assorted multicolor

floral prints on aSsorted color rayon

satin. Contrasting rayon back; 3-in.

bullion fringe.

State choice of vtrsel

HMother" or "Sweetheart."

25 N 8415-(About17x17 in.)

Shpg. wt. 5 oz. Each . ...... $1.00




Terms ••• see

page 256

She'll welcoJDe this Set for every luncheon

The fresh; new patterns, the charm and versatility of this set will delight

any homemaker. Designs (similar to illust.) hand-screen printed on

serviceable cotton crash. Hemmed, laundered. Boxed. Matching napkins

about 17x17 in. each.

Slate predomi1iating washfast color

blue, gold, rose.

Cloth size abt.

Catalog No.


Shpg. wt.


54x54-lnch, .... , 125 N

7949 .


4....... 1 lb. 8 oz........ 5-pc. Set $3.89

54x72-inch, ..... 125 N 7950 ......


2 lbs. 2 oz........ 7-pc. Set 4.98

60-.80-inch ...... 125 N7951 ......

6......... 3

lbs.. ,, .. ,, ... 7-pc. Set


Bold and bright •. for exciting table settings

Printed in gay conventionalized "Colt" and "Parrot" designs ... styled

for the most dramatic table settings you can imagine. Hand-screen

printed designs on firm cotton that's linen-like in appearance. Hemmed,





(gray, turquoise, red color com·

bination) or


"Parrot" (gold, rose, green color combination).

125 N

7946-Size, about


inches. Shpg. wt


oz., ... , ..• Each


Hand-screen Prints on spun rayon and cotton

A luxury cloth ..• truly gay and hospitable on any mealtime table ...

and a thoµghtful gift suggestion for the woman you want to please most

this holiday season. She'll like the colorful charm of hand-screen prints

and the serviceability of sturdy spun rayon and cotton. Lovely multi·

colors similar to illustration. Hemmed, laundered.

State predominating

uJashfast color

gold, gray, blue or rose.

Cloth size about

Catalog No.




54x54-lnch ........... 125 N

7947 .


l lb...... , . , . , , , .. , ... Each $3.79

54x72-lnch, ,, ........ 12



7948 .


l lb. 8 oz. ....•........ Each .4,69



227 ..