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Big 31-pc. Boys' Tool Kit ... metal tool box and tray

What a swell gift for your boy!


practical, too! Our finest, most

complete boys' tool kit. The kind every boy needs for building and

repairing things. Fine for doing odd jobs around the house. Real

3 1·pc. Sot

husky tools, made like Dad's, in a size just right for boys. Set

includes' big 19x6x6Y2-in. steel tool box, removable 19x6x1 :Vs-in. tray; easy–

running hand drill with 3)1-in. die cast rim gear and


knurled chuck

with hardened steel jaws; 3 drill bits (




and '/i•-in.); polished steel plane

(6%'xl Ya-in. bed); crosscut saw (blade cutting surface 13'4 in.); coping saw with

blade< 3 extra coping saw blades; 3 wood chisels ()1, %', and 1-in.); 3-ft. steel

tape; 12-in. wood ruler, 6-in. try square; compass and protractor; wood spirit

level; carpenter pencil; 10-in. steel wrecking bar made of chisel stock; 7-in.

screwdriver (blade %x3)1


small screwdriver wich plastic handle; hammer;


nails; 3 wrenches; 6-in. slip-joint pliers; 10 sheets of sandpaper.





set of

tools and


Shipping weight

11 lbs.....

. ...$7.15



for play, shelter


Tepee-style Play Tent.



A play-time Christmas



all little boys and


girls. Watch their eyes light up when

they see this Indian-type tent! 4 ft. 6

in. square at base; 5 ft. high at center.

Awning 2 ft. wide by 3 ft. long, can be

dropped down to cover tent entrance.

Made of gay yellow painted cotton

fabric with reel Indian heads painted

on two sides. Poles, ropes, and stakes





8 pounds. Mailable.

6 N


59 . . . .

. . C.omplctc



Umbrella Play Tent.

Junior size gift, built

like adult tent. Made of



high count water-repellent cotton

tent fabric. Forest green color. 7x7-

foot base, 5-foot center height; 2-

man size. Has hardwood center

pole. Wire frame at caves gives clear

head room. Extends out 4 feet 6

inches. Awning flap,

poles and

stakes included. Mailable. Shipping

weight 10 pounds. An exceptional

buy at Sears lowMoney-Saving price.

6 N


. . . .

. .....



FocusinA" Pocket Lantern

Throws 300-foot bearn

98 (

Adjusts for spotlight or flood–

light. Light, compact, ideal

for scouting, camping, hiking. Two han–

dles for carrying or clipping to belt. Red

steel case 2%'x2 )1x4 inches high. Com–

plete with bulb and two leakproof stand–

ard batteries.

34 N 4801-Shpg. wl. 1 lb.

. ... 98c

20-pc. Boys' Tool Set with :metal tool box and tray

Fewer tools than in the set at the left. But still plenty of tools for your


son to do a whale of a fine job! Real tools made in a size just right


for the young "carpenter" to work wich. Yes, here's a gift your

20 .pc. Sot

youngster will really go for! Here's what the set includes' big 19x

6x6)1-in. steel tool box with 19x5x1 %-in. tray; polished steel plane with 6%xl


in. bed; crosscut saw with 13%-in. blade cutting surface; coping saw wich blade;

3 extra 6-in. coping saw blades;


wood chisel; claw hammer; 6-in. slip-joint

pliers; 3-piece wrench set; 7-in. screwdriver with


blade; wood spirit

level; 6-in. try square; compass, protractor; 12-in. ruler; carpenter pencil.


N 07451-Complete set


tools and


Shipping weight


lbs.. .

. $5.19



bearing hangers


Cash Down

Giant 7-play gym set

Give your children hours of outdoor fun in your

own yard! Keep chem safely off the street. Install

this big 7-play gym set. Includes: two swings with

non-tilt metal seats and welded-on roller-bearing

hangers; two adjustable trapeze bars; two horizon–

tal steel chinning bars; pair of adjustable steel trapeze rings with comfortable

molded rubber grips and separate chains. Sturdy tubular steel frame-


to last! Easily set up. No bolts needed or used! Just slip legs (17-'s-inch diam–

eter) into joints of top bar (2-inch diameter). Red-green baked-on enamel

finish; chains and hardware electro-plated. About 8 ft. high; 11 ft. long. Four

bolts for attaching chinning bars included.

79NM7277-Shippcd freight or express. Shipping weight


lbs: ...



BAIT CASTING KITS ... complete gifts for fishing


Deluxe Kit in Metal Case.



Has everything you need

for general fishing. 52-in., 2-pc. casting

rod with offset handle, level wind reel

with click, red and white spoon with

treble hook, plastic ball float, ventilated

metal bait can, gut leader, lead sinkers,

50 yds. nylon line, snelled hook, 10 as–

sorted steel eye hooks. Instructions in–

cluded. lt's a Christmas package that's

sure to delight any fisherman!

6 N 3097-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.. ..... Kit



Whiz Kit in Metal Case.


2-pc. 44-in.


steel casting rod, wood handle; casting

reel with click fastens to rod by locking

reel band. Cabled nylon line, 2-ft. gut

leader, snelled hook, 7 steel-eyed hooks,

lead sinkers, float, metal bait can. In–

struction book gives expert tips from

men who know their fishing. An inex–

pensive Christmas gift, priced so that

you can buy several for your family!

6 N 3096-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..... .. Kit $2.69