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Spread a Bright "Merry Christmas" to Everyone

Every Item is Completely UL Approved .. not just the Cord ond light .. for Safe Outdoor use.

For 110-120 volt AC or DC. Weather-resistant finishes that will not run or peel with rain or snow

Specially processed or Masonite Presdwoad backs add durability so that you can re-use these

Ornaments year after year .. meets the Underwriters' laboratory requirements for outdoor use


Santa, Slejgh and Reindeer Sets. Jolly Santa

just stepping out of his red-decorated green

sled with a full pack on his back. Molded

one-piece vinyl plastic front, 24 inches high,

32 inches long, 7 inches deep. Two natural

looking reindeer are molded together in one

piece 29 inches high, 24 inches long, 5 inches

deep. Each piece has thick molded plastic vinyl

front; weather-proofed back; with one 25-watt

bulb and 4 feet 4 inches of outdoor type cord

with plug per piece. Can be staked or hung.

71 N T9676l-Santa, sleigh and one pair of reindeer.

Allow 20 lbs. postage.. ........ .....••....$13.95

71 N 09677L-One pair of reindeer. Allow 10 lbs. post.

age per postal regulations........ . .......• .


71 N T9678l-Sonta,


and three.


of reindeer.

Allow 40 lbs. postage . . .. ...... . ..........$2.ol.95


Striding Jolly Santa. Has all the appearance

of being in full stride. Heavyweight molded

vinyl plastic front; sturdy weather-proofed

back. 40 inches high, 31 inches wide, 7 inches

deep. With one 60-watt bulb, 4-foot 4-inch

cord and plug. Stake or hang. Adds Christmas

glamour to your lawn. Shipped freight, express

or truck. Shipping weight 11 lbs.

71 NM9680•.....•.•............ . . . Each $11 .98


Greeting Candle. Fully illuminated from tip

offlame to base by two G14 and four

C7~watt bulbs; full-round heavyweight plastic

vinyl with ·natural looking flame-tip and holly–

decorated base; realistic candle drip. 41 inches

high, with 15-inch base. Bulbs, 6 ft. 6 in. cord

and add-on plug included. For outdoor or

indoor use. Can be staked or hung. Attractive

Christmas decoration. Shipped freight, express

or truck. Shipping weight 11 pounds.

71 NM9650 . ...... .... .•. . ....... ..Eoch $12.49


Outdoor Candles. In startling new color,

with flame-tip bulb. Now 44 inches high,

weather-proofed with 14-inch diameter com–

position base and cap. Sold in pairs with two

25-watt flame-tip bulbs, 6-foot 6-inch outdoor

cords with add-on plugs. Mailable.

71 N 09673l-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs......... Per pair $8.98


Season's Greeting lamp Posis. Completely

illuminated by five C7


bulbs in each

post. Give a gay greeting for doorways, lawns

and entrances. Half-round heavyweight plastic

front with weather-proofed back. 50 inches high

with 1511-inch base. Bulbs, 4-foot outdoor-type

cord and add-on plug included. Use outdoors

or indoors. Freight, express or truck.

71 NM9652-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs.. ••• . .. Per pair $16.95


Star of Bethlehem. Bright shining star, so

often associated with the true meaning of

Christmas. Heavyweight white vinyl plastic

with red rim; Masonite back. 29 inches high,

1911 in. wide; 3')4 in. deep. With one 15-watt

bulb, 4-ft. 4-in. outdoor-type cord and plug.

Hang on door or wall. Add beauty to lawn or

home with this lovely Christmas star.

71 N 09671- Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. Mailable.•... Each·$.ol.39


"Twinkie' The Toyland Angel. Halo and face

glow when Angel is illuminated. 31 in. high,

17 in. wide,


in. deep. Molded vinyl plastic

front; weather-proofed back. With one 25-watt

bulb, 4-ft. 4-in. outdoor-type cord and plug.

For outdoor or indoor use. An attractive decora–

tion that will last many Christmas seasons.

71N09681L-Shpg. wt.


lbs. Mailable.... Each



Christmas Carolers. Rosy-cheeked, life-size

singers in gayly colored dress. 47 inches

high, 28 inches wide, 6 inches deep. Molded

vinyl plastic front, Masonite back. Takes three

25 or 40-watt and one C711-watt bulbs; bulbs

not included. With 3 ft. cord and plug. Shipped

freight, express or truck. Order today.

71 N M9600-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs.•.•..... ..... . $11.95


Nativity Scene. True-to-life setting, in tra-

ditional colors. Molded vinyl plastic front,

Masonite back. 29 inches high, 48 inches wide,

6 inches deep. Takes four tubular 25 or 40-watt

bulbs; bulbs not included. With 3-ft. cord and

plug. Excellent for use indoors or outdoors.

Built to last for many Christmas seasons.

Shipped freight, express or truck.

71 N M960S-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs..••..... .. . .. .$12.95


Eledric Coach lantern. Brilliantly colored

heavy 26-gauge lithographed steel body

with ·plastic windows; authentically styled steel

stake; also hanging brackets. Lantern 11 inches

high, 8% in. square; overall height 5 feet.

Takes one 60-watt or smaller bulb; bulb not

included. Witli 6-ft. cord and plug. Use as in–

door or outdoor decoration. Order now .. avoid

the crowds and shop the easy mail order way.

Shipping weight 7 pounds.

71 N 9624--Mailable................ .. Each



NEW*-View Sonia Face. Molded·vinyl plas-

tic front, rugged weather-proofed back.



in. high, 15 inches wide, 4!4 inches deep.

With one C711-watt bulb and candelabra base,

3-foot 3-inch outdoor cord and plug. Bright

coloring makes Face look almost lifelike. Mail–


71 N 9684--Shpg. wt.


lbs..•. . . ....... . Each $2.39


Santa-Reindeer Set. Made of plastic in vivid

Christmas colors. Santa in sleigh, four pairs

of reindeer, ready to set out or hang. Santa–

Sleigh 20!4 in. long, 1911 in. liigh; reindeer

pairs 131-2 in. long, 21


in. high; set of 5 out–

door lights; one light mounts in reflector base

of each unit; bulbs included. Pointed stakes.

Light cord forms reindeer reins. Mailable.



4 lbs.

71N02776-Complete set of




Three Wisemen on Camels' Backs. Brilliantly

colored plastic figures, each 15 inches long,

25 inches high; white light bulb in each reflects

light off aluminum background onto figures. 3

bulbs included. A beautiful Christmas decora–

tion that will give your home the desired holi–

day touch. Sturdily built to insure years of

service. Mailable. Shipping weight 3 lbs.

71 N 02778-Set of 3 figures........ .. ..... . $.ol.79

Jumbo Size Illuminated Jolly Santa Face

Extra-big 48-inch high, 28-inch wide Santa face; 5 inches deep.

Beautifully colored in 5 popular


colors; with air–

brushed blushing cheeks; sparkling eyes and happy smile beam

out a " Merry Christmas" to everyone who sees him.

Molded vinyl plastic face with Masonite back; fully UL Ap–

proved for outdoor or indoor use. Takes one 100-watt bulb; bulb

is not included. With 3-foot outdoor type cord and plug; for

110-120-volt AC or DC. Can be used and re-used for years.

Hang on your door, beside your entranceway, on the side of

your house or in your picture window for your Christmas Greet–

ing to your friends and neighbors. The whole Santa face lights

up when bulb is turned on; bright red cap, pink cheeks and nose

add color when light is not on.

Shipped by freight, truck or express, because of size. Do your

Christmas shopping the convenient mail order way.

71 N M9609--Santa


Shipping weight 8 lbs.. ...•... . .. . Each


Eye-Appealing Decorations for Doorways, Entrances

Bright Greetings to Welcome your Guests


"Merry Christmas'' Doorway Decoration. Light up your en-

trance with a bright, colorful "Merry Christmas" around

your doorway. Top piece, of green holly leaves and red letters

is 14 inches high, 49 inches wide, 5 inches deep; takes two 25

or 40-watt tubular bulbs. Two side pieces fit against top piece;

holly leaf design posts with red ribbon bow; 49 inches high,

10 inches wide, 8 inches deep; each post takes two 25 or 40-

watt regular bulbs. Bulbs are not included. Heavy molded

plastic fronts, Masonite back slotted for hanging. Each piece

has 3-foot outdoor-type cord with add-on plug. For 110-120-

volt AC or DC. UL Approved for out or indoors.

71 NT9610l- Allow20 pounds postage.... . .. .... .. .. ... ...$U.95


Star-backed Door Decoration. Non-illuminating. 5-point

wrought-iron finished wire mesh star with heavy wire

frame. White-tipped natural pine needles and cones and red

glass balls, fastened together and to star by red water resistant

ribbon. With hanging hook. About 15-inch diameter.

71 N 9590-Weatherproofed Wreath. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. Mailable.. .



"Merry Christmas'' Bells. For doorway and entrance deco-

ration; illuminated by


bulb in candelabra-type

socket. Molded one-piece vinyl plastic front with Masonite



inches high, 15 inches wide, 4 inches deep. With

bulb, 4-foot 4-inch outdoor-type cord and plug. Gay Christmas

colors, with Christmas greeting across center bell. Hang on

side of door or entrance, above door or in window.

71 N 9679--Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz. Mailable.... .. .. ... . .. . Each $2.39


Plastic Outdoor lantern. Carefully colored molded vinyl

. plastic gives effect of wrought iron frame, drifted snow on

top and lighted red candle


center when bulb is turned on.

13 inches high, 10 inches wide, 3!4 inches deep with Masonite

back. Candelabra type base for C7J..2-watt bulb. Bulb, 4-foot

4-inch outdoor cord with plug are included. For 110-120-volt

AC or DC. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories for either

outdoor or indoor use.

71 N 9683-Shipping weight 3 pounds. Mailable....... . .Per Pair $3.98