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21-piece Set

Imported Manicure Implements by worl d -famous craftsmen


6 -pc, lyric

Deluxe Quality

Manicure Set..


Top grain cowhide case in high fashion

turquoise color. Contains cuticle nipper,

nail scissor, tweezer, pusher-cleaner, 4-

in. nail file and splinter-blackhead remov–




impon ed

from Ger–

ma ny.


beautiful set you'll be proud to

give, she'll enjoy using. (30c Federal tax


8 N 9040E-Sh;pp;ng we;ght 6 ounces..$9.95


7-pc. lyric

Deluxe Q uality

Manicure Set.


Softest cowhide case in shocking pink

color is suede lined. H olds cu ticle scissor,

toe-nail nipper, nail scissor, 6-inch file,

tweezer, cuticle nippt:r a nd metal cleaner–

p usher. All implements are of finest


u y steel, precision made and imported

from Germany. Such a nice way to say

"Merry Christmas." (40c Federal tax


8 N 9041E-Sh;pp;ng we;ght 12 oz...$14.95


12-pc. l yric Deluxe Quality Manicure



The finest set we ojfer!

Lipstick red

case is fashioned of smoo1h, rich, top grain

cowhide. Lined in natural color suede.

9% inches long by 6 inches wide, this case

is only one inch high ... fi1s compactly

into a ny drawer, packs easily.

Contains: needle-point cuticle scissor,

nail scissor, tweezer, 6-inch nail file,

metal cleaner-pusher, nail nipper, cu ticle

nipper, splin ter-blackhead remover, util–

ity scissor, 2 emery boards in leather

shea1h, a nd mirror. Each highest grade

steel implement imported from Germany.

An exquisite set that she'll treasure for

years a nd years to come. (68c Federal tax

included.) Shpg.

w t.

I lb. 4 oz.

8 N 9042E- $2


down .•.... . Cash $22.50


(D ) (E)

(F) from Austria.


12-pc. Va nity Set. Grained red leath–


erette case with 3 mirrors. Buffer, 2

metal boxes, file a nd cuticle kpife, cuti–

cle scissor, toe nail nipper, tweezer, plas–

tic-covered emery board. (13c Federa l

tax included.)

8 N 9160E-Shpg. wt. l lb... . ....$4.98

ICl 10-pc. Vanity Set. M irror in cover. 2


plastic boxes, buffer, 5-in. file, cu ti–

cle scissor, nail scissor, emery board,

nail cleaner-pusher, tweezer. (16c Fed–

eral rnx included.)

8 N 9304E- Sh;pp;ng we;ght l lb• ..$2.98

ICl 7-pc. Vanity Set. File, cuticle scissor,





board, buffer, plastic box. (lOc Federal

tax included.)

8 N 9303E- Sh;pp;ng we;ght 8 ounces.$] 79


21 -pc. Lyde Nail Bea uty Ber. T he


only set of its kind for home use that

we know of! She'll love giving herself a

professional-loo"king ma nicure at home

with 12 finest quality, high-fashion pol–

ish shades .. . 8 regular a nd 4 pea rles–

cent ... from which


choose the


one for everv ensemble in her wardrobe.

Shades ra'nge from deep reds through

orange lones


pretty pinks. Strong

11Y2x5%-inch plastic base holds the 12

7,i'-oz. bottles of nail enamel plus one

2-oz. bottle each of polish remover and

ha nd a nd body lotion, two U'-oz. bot–

tles base coat, one 7::(-oz. bottle cuticle

remover, 1 orange wood stick, 2 emery

boards. Everything necessary for a

"salon-type" manicure. An unusual

gift. (36c Federal tax included.)

8 N 9505E- Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.• ..$4.98

IUl 7-pc. Set. Gold-color cloth book–


style case. Gold-plated cuticle


sor\ tweezer, five others. I mplements im–

ported. (17c Federal tax included .)



9021E-Sh;pp;ng we;ght




7-pc. Set. R ed leather case. Gold–


plated nail scissor; cuticle scissor,

nail nipper, 4 others. From Germany.

(16c Federal lax included.)

8 N 9048E-Sh;pping we;ght 8 ounces.$4.98


15-pc. Ann Berton Manicure Set.


De luxe quality. Treats her ha nds 10

tender care. C herry red top grain cow–

hide case, moire lining. Forged culicle

scissor, nail scissor, cuucle nipper, me tal

handle cu ticle pusher, cuticle knife,

tweezer, 8-in. nail file, metal hand le

nail cleaner-cu ticle pusher, 2 emery

boards in leather sheath, medium red

polish, fuchsia red polish, cuticle re–

mover, polish remover, nail coat. From

Germa ny. (61c Federal tax included.)

8 N 9026E-Sh;pp;ng we;ght 2 lbs•.$14.95


13-pc. Ann Berton Set. Wish her a


joyous Noel with this glamour gift.

Case of gold-color metallic material,

black floral design. Moire lining. Twist

lock. Nail nipper, 4%-in. file, cu ticle

scissor, tweezer, nail white pencil, 2

emery boards, pusher-cleaner, fuchsia

red a nd med. red polish, polish remov–

er, cuticle remover, polish coat. Import–

ed implements. (25c Fed. tax included.)

8 N 9025E-Shpg. wt. l lb. 4 oz.....$6.95


9-pc. Ann Berton Set.




style case. Black, gold-color check.

Cuticle scissor, tweezer, med. red pol–

ish, 6 others. I mported implements.

(17c Federal tax included.)

8 N 9024E- Shipping we;ght l lb... . $4.98

NOTE/ Unless otherwise stated, catalog numbers ending


"E" include 10% Federal Excise Tax

i .

Wes "i9;98- Now


G ive this gift of good g rooming

17-piece Ann Berton Set cut

$1 ~00

.. . just in

time for C hristmas. De luxe quality. Lovely

rayon brocade case has black and


design. Contains nail white pencil, cuticle

scissors, toe na.l nipper, tweezers, 5-in. file,

cuticle knife, cuticle pusher, Lucite spear–

pusher, buffer, blemish remover, 2 emerr.

boards, medium red and fuchsia red nail

polishes, polish coat, polish remover, cuticle

remover. Implements imported. Everylhing

she needs to keeF her hands looking their

feminine besr, al conveniently together in•

their own pretty zipper case. She'll be proud

to use this set at ho me a nd when she travels.

And she'll be prou<l of the way it beautifies her

hands, too! T ake advantage of the SI .00 sav–

ings on this beautiful


set now. (25c Federal

tax included.) Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

8 N 9146E-Wes


Now only.. . ....$8.98

Tiny, useful .. for men or women

Miniature Manicure Set from Germany for both

men and women. The cutest, tiniest


in.) red leather snap case contains a cuticle

scissor, nail file, tweezer, nail cleaner, cuticle

pusher. How handy


carry in pocke t or

purse! Helps insure well-groomed hands

where'ver you go. Says " M erry Christmas" all

year long. (2c Fed. tax included each sel.)

8 N 9049E- Shpg. wt. 2 oz. ee. set. 98c 2 for $1.69



69 ..