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Yorkshire Two Piece Matched Grain

Briar Set. This pipe set was made in

France expressly for Sears, of the best aged

Algerian Briar.


the set you get 01fe straight

and one curved stem pipe with matching grain

finish. A pipe set made to smoke sweet and

cool. You'll be proud of this gift; proud to give

it, proud to receive it. Gift box.

87 N 202-Two piece set. Shpg. wt. l lb..... $4.97


New ! Medico Filigree. This beautiful

briar pipe is trimmed with highly polish–

ed silver-colored metal filigree with hand

worked pattern. An exceptionally light weight

pipe. Also, included with this offer is a box of

10 Medico filters. This pipe is packed in a

handsome gift case that is excellent for gift

giving. Guaranteed Bite Proof bit.


87 N 229-Straight stem.


. 8 oz.J... $10.00


Yorkshire "Supreme" Briar Pipe

With Meerschaum Lined Bowl:

PLUS a Christmas Special; you

get not only this fine quality pipe

but a convenient plastic pipe rest

with a clear plastic cover.

Pipes are made of the finest im–

ported Algerian briar lined with

imported, hand-carved block meer–

schaum cup. This pipe will smoke

smooth and sweet for years. Screw

stem. Hand cut bit.

87 N 212-Straight stem.

Shipping weight 8 ounces. . ..... $2.97

87 N 213- Curved stem.

Shipping weight 8 ounces... .






New! Kaywoodie Set with the spectac-

ular new syncromatic bit. The greatest

improvement in pipe making in years. This

set includes 2 beautifully matched briar pipes

that will smoke cool and sweet. Each is fin–

ished in a deep, lustrous mahogany color. New

Kaywoodie syncromatic bit makes it impos–

sible to turn it too far . Gift box.


87 N 228- IShipping weight 8 oz.J .. ..... . $10.00



Yorkshire Metal Pipe. S pipes in one.

Each lightweight pipe provides you

with a dry, cool smoke. 4 additional bowls,

each a different style. Nylon, biteproof bit.

Moisture trap. This unique pipe value will

make a fine gift for any man. Shpg. wt. set

2 lbs. Wt. pipe only 8 oz.


87N200-Metal pipe


4 briar bowls $4.93


87N201 -Metal Pipe

only........ $1.95

Different gift ideaI

Meerschaum pipe bowl



[) Set of Striking Vienna Meerschaums. Large shapes, beautiful

leather cases. In smoking, pipes turn deep golden-yellow

color. The best meerschaum flavor. One straight,


curved stem.

87 N 230-Set of two Meerschaums.

Save $1.11.

Shpg. wt. l lb....$12.77

Pipes in the above set sold individually.

87 N 231-Curved stem Meerschaum. Shpg. wt. 8 oz............. $6.94



232-Straight stem Meerschaum. Shpg. wt. 8 oz. ... ... . . . .. . 6.94


Yorkshire Meerschaum Briar Set with Aluminum Stem.

Two top quality bowls; one all-white band carved Meer–

schaum bowl; one genuine briar bowl. Hinged Lucite gift box.

87 N 203-Pipe with one extra bowl. Shpg. wt. 8 oz.. . . .. .. . .. .. $7.97


Single Hand -carved Meerschaum-Briar Bowl. Perfect for

those who already have a Yorkshire pipe.

87 N 204-Shipping weight 4 oz. Interchangeable bowl........... $3.44

Finest Handcarved Block Imported Turkish Meerschaums. Mas–

terfully carved bowls. Gold-plated band stem. Leather gift case.


87 N 206-Straight stem.


87 N 207-Curved stem.

Shipping weight l pound. $9.97


Shipping weight l pound . $9.97

Additional Gift Suggestions for Christmas: Pipe Sets, Novelty Pipes, Pipe Knife




on Pipe Knife. This is a handy practical

gift that any pipe smoker will enjoy receiving. Made

of highly polished stainless steel. Contains scrapper

blade to cut cake on pipe, reamer to clean stem, sharp

regular knife blade, handy tamper to press tobacco

properly in bowl.



87 N 223-Shipping weight 2 oz.


$2.97. .. .. NOW $2.47


Set of 7 Imported Matched Grain Pipes. This is one

of the most outstanding values we have ever offered.

Guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating pipe

smoker. You get


beautifully matched grain pipes in an

attractive gift box. Seven pipes; a pipe a day. You can

have a fresh, sweet smoking pipe handy every day.

Rotating helps to keep a pipe sweet smoking. Made in

France of finest quality hand-rubbed Algerian briar.

87 N 233-Shipping weight I lb. 6 oz...... . ........ $17.97


Briar Cigar Shaped Pipe. Unscrew aluminum

top . .. fill top half of boVl'.l with tobacco. Screw

together, light it as you would a cigar. Smoke it

closed . .. no sparks or flying ashes to worry about.

87 N 218- Shipping weight 6 ounces . . . .. .... ... . $1.37


Pipe-A-Day Set of


Corn Cobs. Seven au-

thentic corn cob pipes. You get a variety of

stem and bowl shapes and sizes. Also included with

this set are 3 interchangeable bites.

87 N 222- Shipping weight 8 ounces . .. • ..... ... . $1.97


Turkish Water Pipe ... for a new smoking ex-

perience. Effectively filters tars and nicotine,

leaving them in water. Smoke is filtered thru 33-in.

of air tight tubing.

87 N 224-0ver-all height 11-in. Shpg. wt. l lb. 6 oz.$2.97