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Cosy nightwear


the ideal gift for Christmas



Colorful Christmas Ensemble


for little boys-matching robe

and pyjamas in striking striped 'n

plain design. Made of cotton flan–

nelette for cosy winter warmth.

Boldly striped top with solid shade

trim. Popular button front styling.

Ski-style pants in solid shade with

snugly ribbed White cuffs; elastic

around waist for a neat fit. Top it

off with a matching striped robe

trimmed in solid shade. Robe has

pocket, self ties at waist. Please

state size and color number.

70(Red with White).

Sizes 2, 4, 6, 6X.

29N1283-Price, del'd ..... 3.98


For The Little Man of The House


. . . cosy robe of blended rayon

and wool in smart plaid patterns.

Styled with a shawl collar



pocket, and all-around tie oelt. A

good-looking gift that's practical too

-completely washable. State size

and color number. 19(King George

--Red/Green), 06(Black Watch–

Blue/Green). Sizes 3, 4, 6, 6X.

29N 1387-Price, del'd . .... 2 . 98






Fancy Robe for Little Girls ...


made of soft cotton chenille

in comfortable wrap-around style.

Attractive contrasting scroll design

forms a lovely graceful pattern on

the skirt. Tie belt extends from side

seams. Please state correct size and

color number un your order.

97(Peacock Blue), or 35(Gold).

Size,; 2, 4, 6, 6X.

29N1411-Price, del'd ..... 2.98


Pretty Duster Fashion to charm


little misses. Of finely tufted

cotton chenille. Smart cuffed sleeves.

Pretty flower scroll gives neat yoke

effect. Button front. Please state

size and color number.

OO(White), or 97(Peacock Blue).

Sizes 2, 4, 6, 6X.

29N1412-Price, del'd ..... 2.98


Rudolph Robe

of cotton chenille.


Cosy wrap-around style, with

Rudolph head design on skirt. Neat

shawl collar; tie belt extends from

side seams. State size, color number.

Sizes 2, 4, 6, 6X.

29N1413-70(Red). Del'd .. 2.98


Something Special

in Christmas


intimates for little girls . . .

graceful ballerina robe and scuffies.

Robe of quilted cotton in a pretty

print design, with solid shade lining.

Neatly fitted top buttons to waist.

Sleeves with "lasticized ruffles at

wrists for dainty effect. Full circle

skirt has a large front pocket. Match–

ing scuffies complete this adorable

set. Please state correct size, color

and color number on order.

21 (Mint Green) or 60(Pink),

Sizes 2, 4, 6, 6X.

29N1414-Set, del'd ... .. . 4 . 98


GaY Polka-Dot Duster . . .


sweeHy fashioned to catch her.

eye. Made oi quilted cotton in a

"twin print"-it's dark on the out–

side with a light lining for fashion–

lovely contrast. Buttons down the

front; front pocket. Sleeves with

turn-back cuffs. A pretty Christmas

gift for the young miss. Please state

size and color number on your order.

70(Red) or SO(B!ue).

Sizes 2, 4, 6.

29N1415-Price, del'd ..... 2.98


Fashion-Conscious Little Girls will


want this pretty robe under the

Christmas tree ... made of quilted

cotton in a dainty check, with solid

shade lining. Wrap-around style

with button at waist, tie belt. Grace–

fully flowing skirt is adorably fem–

inine. Dainty lace trim on shawl

collar, circular pocket and cuffs of

sleeves. State size and color number.

60(Pink), SO(Blue).

29N1361-Sizes2,3,4 ..... 3.98


Two-Tone Duster and Pyiama Set.


Pyjamas of warm cotton flan–

nelette. Novelty dotted top with

button front, elasticized ruffles at

wrists. Solid shade pants with elas–

ticized ruffles at ankles, neat elastic

around waist. Duster of quilted

cotton flannelette has dotted design

on the outside, with solid shadt'!

inside to match the dots. Neat collar


button front, novelty pockets, ana

sleeves with cuffs. Please state size

and color number on your order.

96(Caribbean Blue with White), or

70(Red/White). Sizes 2, 4, 6, 6X.

29N 1284-Set, del'd ....... 4.98