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Nub-Splashed Storm Coat packs


snug warmth all winter long.

Full-bodied wool coating is "alive"

with colorful nubs. 4-way zippered

hood has ultra-warm Orlon lining.

Body and sleeves have famous lnsul–

Paca lining. Clasp fastener front

with inside zipper closu re.

37• long. 09(Charcoal Black).

Even chest sizes 36 to 46".

41N2098-2.00down. Del. 19.98


24 -0z. Wool Frieze Storm Coat.


Orlon-lined 4-way zippered

hood. Wool-quilted-to-rayon lin ing

in body, sleeves. Buckle front with

hidden zipper closure. 88 (Navy).

Even chest sizes 36 to 46•.

41N2076-Price,del'd . . .. 13. 95


All-Wool Fleece Suburban Coat


a t a price that's hard to beat.

Fully lined with warmth-without–

weight lnsul-Paca lining. Leather

button front, flap patch pockets and

ticket pocket. Neatly padded shoul–

ders. About 34" long. Sleeve tabs.

04(Medium Grey), OB(Charcoal) , 54

(Camel). Even chest sizes 36-46".

41N2004-Price, del'd... . 1 4. 98

Kingsway ..



Nub-Splashed Suburban Coat-tops


in style, warmth. Full-bodied wool

coat gives good wear. Warmth-without–

weight lnsul-Paca lining. Leather but–

ton front, patch flap pockets, I-button

sleeve tabs. 09(Charcoal Black).

Even chest sizes 36 to 46".

41N2007-34" length. Del'd .. 14.98


New Polished-Cotton Suburban Coat.


Lustrous polished cotton is tightly

woven to give long wear and make the

coat water-repellent. Wool quilted to

plaid rayon lining. Leather .button

front, 2 flap patch pockets, flap ticket

pocket. Neatly padded sh oulders. State

color number. 53(Tan) or 08(Ch arcoal).

Ev en chest sizes 36 to 46•.

41 N486 1-Price, del'd ...... .


Full -Bodied All-Wot>I Drawn Fleece


suburban-a coat he'll treasure for

years. Rayon deep-pile body lining

gives luxurious warmth, balance has

wool-quilted-to-rayon lining. Leather

button front, flap pockets, ticket pocket.

Back vent, 2-button sleeve tabs. 04

(Medium Grey) , 08(Charcoal Grey).

Even chest sizes 36 to 46".

41N 2 015-2.00down. Cash .. 2 4.98


Have someone else measure your chest over shirt. Have him stand behind you.

Keep tape well up under arms, over shoulder blades--don't let tape slip below

blades. All garments except (F) on Page 154 are sized to be worn over suits.


not to be worn this way order I size smaller.