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• Separately insulated zero-cold freezer holds 52 lb.

• Separately sealed refrigera tor is fully automatic

It's like getting two appliances combined into one .. yet at this low price

it's comparable to many refrigerators without "2-in-l" utility. The re–

frigerator section is separately sealed, Insulated and refrigerated to keep

fresh foods fresh and flavorful with properly maintained moist-cold. Fully

automatic defrosting means there's nothing for you to do or remember. The

freezer section holds constant zero cold . . . freezes foods and keeps them

safely stored up to one full year.

Consider These Advantages: twin lifetime porcelain crispers store 18 q t. of

vegetables at proper temperature; over 15 sq. ft. of shelf area; roll-out bottle

basket; portable see-thru meat drawer takes up to 9.2 lb. of fresh meat.

Door has 3 racks for 18 eggs; snack and dairy chests; 2 deep d oor shelves;

lift-out half shelf. Lifetime aluminum shelving throughout. White baked–

on enamel exterior, porcelain enamel colortone interior.

46N1730DW- 60cy. Size28V4"widex28'l'ex59*high. Del'd .. 334.00


Stores 525 Lb. of Frozen Food . . or 262 Complete Meals

You'll be "meals a head" of your family when you invest In this de luxe

15-cu. ft. Coldspot ... and "dollars ahead" with this low sale price. Re–

member--Coldspot's superior 1=onstruction is your guarantee of the very

finest performance. Check these "proved-performance" features.

Direct-Contact Freezing Coils,

on all sides and bottom, mean faster freez–

ing, safer food storage. Lifetime porcelain enamel interior .. . as smooth

and easy to clean as a china dish. Superwall circu lation system stops

cabinet from sweating. 3" super-dense Fiberglas insulation keeps cold

, in, heat out, costs down. Vacuum-sealed cabinet prevents rusting from

within. One-piece molded rubber breaker collar keeps cold in , retards

frosting up, saves power. Hard-wearing 2-coat Durabond e namel ex–

terior stays gleaming bright. Counter-balanced lid opens effortlessly,

stays in desired position. Recessed toe space at base. Automatic Interior

light. All's-well warning light. Interior sectioned by I slid ing basket

and I adjustable divider. Large quick-freeze section

Stores 525


of Frozen Food. Q\.tick-freeze section holds 87 lb. Ex–

clusive Stor-Eze Interior. 547/a• long x 33V4• wide x 37" high-passes

through 29" door with lid removed. v.-h.p. unit. 60 cy. 110 volts.

47N71715DW- I0.00down, 16.00monthly. Cash,del'd . . .. . 339.00

3 -Way Guarantee. We guarantee the Coldspot sealed refrigeration sys–

tem for 5 years against any defect in materials and workmanship; all

other parts carry a I-year guarantee. We insure the food, up to 200.00 in

value, in your Coldspot freezer against spoilage due to mechanical or

power failure, or any other conditions over which you have no control.


Now Only



10.00 Down

cash 12.00 Monthly


• Giant full width freezer stores 35 lb. of food

• Extra-deep twin crispers store 17 qt. of fruit, etc.

Big , beautiful and low-priced . .. that's the thrilling story of this 9.5 cu. ft.

Coldspot. Never before have we been able to offer this size with so many

advantages at this low, low price. Order today; take advantage of the

special Christmas offer .. . supply is limited.

Multi· Position Cold Control is quick and simple to operate ... includes "de–

frost" and "vacation" settings. 2 ice-cube trays hold 28 cubes. Con–

venient door storage has specialized storage for eggs, butter and tall bottles.

Total shelf area gives you 16.l sq. ft. storage .. . ample room for your Christ–

mas turkey, gallon bottles ... plus two "moisture-seal" crispers to give

"climatized" temperature to garden-fresh fruits and vegetables. White

Durabond enamel exterior with porcelain enamel interior. 28" wide x 29 x

57" high. Sealed refrigeration system guaranteed 5 years.

46N9600DW-60cycles. A.C. IJ0-120 v olts. Delivered ... . . .. 238. 00