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lined Baby Bosket


Baby Gifts from a Smart Santa

Less work for Mommy .. lots more fun for Baby


The Play-A-Round® ... 42 in. in diameter. Plenty of

room to romp. Aluminum frame; washabl.e non-sliver

nylon net. Non-toxic, fire-resistant net removes for wash–

ing. Plastic teething rim. Masonite Presdwood floor is

7 in. above floor. 28 )1 in. to top of pen. Folds. Pad not

included . . order below. Shpd. freight, express or truck.

79 N M7657-Shpg. wt. 24 lbs.

$2.50 down.

. ..


49 N 7735-Soft plastic pad for above.




to legs.

Tufflex@ fiber filled. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.... _......... . ..... $2.98


Our Best Bathinette® .. Tubular steel folding frame,

· tumble and draft protection on 3 sides. Aluminum top

has Tufilex® fiber-filled plastic pad, raises and lowers

by foot control. Valet shelf holds 2 plastic boxes, tissue

roller, vinyl diaper bag. Krene® drain hose; splash

guard, safety strap, pockets, pin tray, towel bar, 2

casters. 20x36x36 in. high. Freight, express or truck.

79 N M7820-Shpg. wt. 25 lbs.

. ............. $24.95


Travel Trio ... safety baby seat, folding jumper chair

base, swing stand. 21)1x2Yox52Yo in. Wt. 15 lbs.



M7964- Freight, express or truck. . . .

. ... $15.98


Baby Basket. Loom-woven fiber body, fully lined with

smooth sheet fiber. Adjustable hood. Heavy hard–

wood folding legs for easy carrying. Plastic swivel casters.



inches ·deep. White, light yellow trim.


N 07806L-Shipping weight 16 lbs......... . ......... $9.98


Happi-Time 3-Position Stroller-Walker ... for sit-

ting, semi-reclining, reclining. Tubular steel handle,

chassis .. ahtminum seat frame, wheels .. clincher-type

tires. Canopy adjusts. Seat is Tuftlex® padded. Basket,

tray, footrest. Seat 12x10 in. Handle 34 inches high.

79 N 08431K-Shipping weight 21 lbs................. $19.98

49 N 8432-Snoozer Pad for obove. tNot shown.I Wt. 2 lbs. 2.98


Travel Crib. Also use as travel seat, bassinet. Alumi–

num frame. Plastic mattress, bumper pad. Folds.

79 N 07957L-30xl4Y2x7


deep. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs....... $1 l.98


Nursery Jar Set. Four jars with lids .. beautifully

molded plastic, with hand-painted decorations .. for

baby powders. etc. Jars sit in recesses on plastic tray . ..

also recesses for soap, pins, etc. Tray handle has bow.

White, pastel yellow trim. Tray is 12 in. x 7-U, in.

49 N 4535-5hpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz..... . ................ $2.69 ·


Sit-N-Stand Car Seat. Boxed edge seat has com-

fortable, thick Tuflle.'<® padding. Padded back. Seat

folds down to make stand-up pen. Washable plastic

covering. Safety strap. All metal parts are brass plated.

Plastic steering wheel, horn. Folds. White, gold color.

49 N 7919-12x9x6 in. high. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs . .. . ......... $6.49


Sturdy Walker , , helps baby take his first steps by

lending plenty of support. Tubular steel frame,

chrome plating. Red duck saddle removes for washing.

Folds. Cushion rubber bumpers. Easy-rolling 3-in. casters.

49 N 8406-23 in. high. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs....... . . .. ... ...



Crib -Crowd Playmates. Lovable terry cloth lamb

and doll filled with foam rubber _.. stay sweet and

sanitary with washing. Lamb is 7


inches tall. Doll is

10 inches tall, has a plastic face. Order today!

49 N 4034- Shipping weight 12 ounces.............. . .$1.79


Baby Crib Monkey. Cute as can be .. baby will love

him. Pillow-soft cotton-stuffed body, with shaped

arms and feet. His pastel-colored coat is cotton-back

rayon plush. Black pompon nose; red felt tongue. Securely

anchored button eyes, vinyl plastic ears. Ribbon bow

around neck. 8


inch elastic strap, with ring.

49 N 4004- 12 in. tall. Shipping weight 12 ounces . ... . . .. $2.79


Sea recrow Joe. Ideal as hang toy for crib, pen, or

carriage. 12 inches tall, with five large, easy-to-grasp

rings baby will use for teething. Made of non-toxic

acetate plastic. Beautiful pastel colors.



4532-Shipping weight 6 ounces.... . ... . .... .. $1.69