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World's Most Famous

Toy Store



medoa'' Mo'1 Famou' Toy Catalog-thi' F.

A. 0. Schwm 1959

Christmas Toy Catalog-is a big one ...


has 96 pages, filled

with no-telling-how-many fine Toys.

Our pages number 96. Our years now-for the first time-add up

to 1 more than our pages. This is the 97th Christmas of "the

store where Christmas lives."

Nobody ever counted the children who have squealed their happy

way through our 97 Christmases. You probably once did,

yourself, with a six year old's, or a nine's, or a ten's tight tug on

a grown-up's hand.

Christmas is Schwarz, and vice versa, for the fun-crammed,

exciting reasons packed through this catalog.

Rely on Schwarz to play


Santa Claus. Shop every one of these

pages. Compare the competitively fair, honest, good-value

prices. Consider the quality guarantee on everything that nobody

else can match as Schwarz makes it.

Some youngster's waiting for Christmas from Schwarz. Your own

youngster's waiting for you to get busy, and browse here, and


Please order as soon as convenient. To assure

Christmas delivery-and un-disappointed children–

be certain your order reaches us no later

than December 15, 1959.