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The elegant wrapping:


blended with nylon

Two heavenly robes in a glorious napped fabric of marvelous warmth, luscious feel. Backed

with nylon tdcot knit. Belt them as shown, all around or not at all. Completely washable.





Striped Duster edged and

tied with self-fabric cord.

Delightfully full. Sparkling but–

tons, two pockets.

State Misses' size

10, 12, 14,

16, 18. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

T 38 N 8857-Rose pink

T 38 N 8858-Turauoise green

T 38N8859-Gold color. Each $17.68


Classic elegance. Flowing

simplicity with pretty ta·

pered sleeves, covered button,

softly gathered back. 2 pockets.

Stale Misses' s;ze

10, 12, 14,

16, 18, 20.

Long Robe. Shippingweight 2 lbs.

T 38 N 8854-Tropic blue

T38N 8853-Scorlet. Each


Duster-length Robe (not shown).

Shipping weight 1 lb. 14 oz.

T38 N 8856- Tropic blue

T38N 8855-Scorlet. Each $17.68

•Reg. T.M. Celanese

triacetate fiber

Items on this page

shipped from Philadel-

phia, Chicago, Kansas


or Los Angeles, whichever is

nearer. Allow postage from your

moil order house.