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Party -time Portable

plays like a dream

Something special for the junior "social set" for dancing or listening. New

4-speed electronic portable features Tandemonic® sound . . a form of

hi-fidelity. Two speakers are attached to either side of the case ... open

outward for playing. Speakers can be detached from the phonograph, too,

and placed up to eight feet away from the center amplifier, which contains

two separate output jacks. Separate volume controls for each speaker.

Plays all 16,


45 and 78 rpm records up to 12 inches. Turnover cart–

ridge with two separate synthetic sapphire needles. Two-tone green plastic–

coated fiber case wipes clean in a jiffy with a damp cloth .. measures 18Ux

11Ux5Ys inches high. Underwriters' Laboratories approved, 115-volt,

60-cycle AC. Order on Easy Terms . . only 10% down.



0550-Shipping weight 13 pou.nds.


down ......•.... . .. . .. .Cash


Smart Santos order from Sears Christmas Catalog

. .

it's the quickest, easiest


to take care

of their gilt lists


and the most economical, too


They'll all want this

Record Carrying Case

Easiest and best way to carry records to

parties, school, beach, etc. without

scratching or breaking them.

Record index holds up to



(7 inch diameter only). Sturdy fiber

case .. pyroi,-ylin-coated covering wipes

clean with a damp cloth . . two-tone

green. Plastic handle. Records are not

included. 7Ys x 8%; x


inches high.

Shipping weight 2 pounds



49 N

5 82 ... . .... .. ..............







R, R&Jeu

Stereophonic Phonograph

The new sound sensation in children's phonographs ... a real stereophonic

hi-fidelity instrument at a price so low you'll find it hard to believe. Brings

out beautifully the high highs, the low lows, and the in-between shadings of

tone on all recordings ... and gives you the magic of stereophonic sound.

4-speed portable plays


stereophonic and regular records. Two speakers

attached .. one to each side .. can be detached and placed up to 8 feet away.

Two output jacks. Dual purpose stereo cartridge, two synthetic sapphire

needles. Two channels . . volume control for each speaker for balanced

tone. Plays all 16,


45, 78 rpm records up to 12 inches. Sturdy case

of plastic-coated fiber, brown and tan. UL approved, 115-volt, 60-cycle AC.

7 9

N 0555-18x11x8 inches high. Shipping weight 14 pounds. $3.00

dawn . .•


Cash $29.98

Use Sears Easy Terms ... o n ly 10% down on order s of $ 2 0 or m o r e . . s ee p a ge 294