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5-piece Set for Boys. Gold-color metal watch with gray metal case-back,

matching gold-color expansion band; luminous hands and numbers; sweep

second hand. Brown leather wallet (4Vsx372 in. closed) with zipper compart–

ment, card holder. Black plastic ball point pen with gold-color metal cap;

matching mechanical pencil.


roll-top jewelry box about 8x77\lx3 in. high..

4-piece Set for Girls. Gold-color metal petite dress watch with luminous

hands and numerals, matching expansion band with heart-shaped design.

Mechanical pencil-pendant on 36-inch chain and cute giraffe pin, both

of gold-color metal. Roll-top jewelry box .. about 67\lx6x2%,' in. high ..

tostoreallher trinketsand treasures. Priceincludes 76c Federal Excise Tax.

4N1800E-Shpg. wt.13oz. Priceincludes76cFed.


Tax......... .. .. $9.97

4 N 1904E-Shipping weight 9 ounces. .. ........ ......

. ......$9.97


Teaches a Child

How to Tell Time

[] Once a child can recognize colors red,

white and blue, he's ready to learn.

Wrist watch


numbered dial based on

color-identification system . . a method

designed by child guidance experts and

approved by many schools. Shock-pro–

tected movement encased in chrome–

plated metal, stainless steel expansion

band. Instruction book.let included. Boxed.

4 N 1981 E-Shpg. wt. 4 oz............$7.44

Cinderella Wrist Watch


Timex shock-protected movement en-

cased in bright chrome-plated metal.

Stainless steel case-back. Blue fabric strap.

Packaged with 5-inch ceramic figurine of

Cinderella to delight any little girl. Post–

paid (Shipping weight 4 ounces).

4 N 1990E............ . ...... . ...... $7.65

Space Explorer Watch

(]] Pictured on the dial . . a capsule in

orbit. Space-minded boys can count–

down the hours! Chrome-plated metal

case; stainlesssteel expansion band. Boxed.

4 N I980E-Shipping weight 4 oz...... $7.44

Girls' Style with 4

Interchangeable Straps


Petite gold-color metal watch with a

grown-up look .. modern zoned dial. Real

suede straps-1 white, 1 black, 1 pink,

1 blue-to accessorize her every outfit.

Attractively boxed. Shipping


4 oz.

4 N 1910E. ....

. .. $9.99

7-jewel PREP Watches


•Unbreakable mainsprings


• Stainless steel case-backs

(4) (5) Boys' Sport Styles .. Waterproof as Jong as crystal,

crown and back remain intact. Handy sweep second hand.


Classic . . gold-color metal case and matching expansion

band. Luminous hands and dial.

4 N 557E- Shi1ming weight 10 ounces... . . . . . . . . .

. .$14.50


Calendar.. tells date, time. Luminous hands, dots. Chrome–

plated metal case; steel expansion band. leather insert.

4 N559E-Shipping weight 10 ounces... . .

. .. $14.50


Girls' Dress Watch with expansion band. Gold-color metal.

4 N509E-Shipping weight 4 ounces ........ . .. .......$14.50


Girls' Bangle-bracelet Watch. Gold-color metaL

4 N 511 E- Shipping weight 4 ounces.... ............. $14.50

All items on this page include 10% Fed. Excise Tax unless otherwise stated.

Watches shown


actual size.