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Lots ofAction

Racers zoom around curves,

roar over and under


Cars zip down the straightaway, fighting for the lead. Speed under the bridge and

around the 56x25-inch figure-8 track. Travel so fast over the bridge it almost

looks like they'll fly in the air. Two 4-inch steel racers with long-running clock-spring

motors, stop levers. Molded plastic track sections snap together. Includes plastic

lamp posts, plastic figures in action poses.

49 N5782-Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces.. . .... . ..... . ..... . . ... ... ...$3.89





Battery-powered Beginner's




Rugged-takes rough handling. Runs on 3 batteries. Lever on station roof starts,

stops, reverses train. Plastic engine, tender, gondola, caboose. 12 curved tracks,

1 straight, 1 rerailer make JSxJO-inch oval track layout. Train 21


inches long.

49 N 9517-Train Set


3 "D"

batteries below).

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. . . .. •. . . ... $4.99

49 N4660-"D" batteries. Shipping weight 4 ounces. Each 16c.. . .... . . ..4 for 60c




travel over big

102-inch oval tracks


"Western style" engine

with huge cow catcher of

plastic and steel. Colorful steel

tender, baggage car and pas–

senger coach. Train32



long. 8 curved; 2 straight track

form 102-inch oval.

49 N9516-Wt. 3 lbs. . . ..$4.97





Husky plastic steam-type

engine with tender emits

harmless sparks. Metal gon–

dola, box car, caboose. Motor

has speed governot, on-0fi

switch. 34 in. long. 8 curved, 2

straight track form 102 in. oval.

. 49N9512-Wt.3lbs.4 oz. .$3.97

Single-track Wind-up Auto Race

Starter waves his flag-they're ofi. Two 4-inch steel cars speed

around 29x14-inch figure-8 track. Never collide at intersection ..

one stops automatically, then continues. Clock-spring motors.

Steel track snaps together. From West Germany.

49 N4220-Shiwing weight 1 pound 14 ounces. . ......... .$2.99

Monorail-mail train of the future!

Just turn a knob-car travels .. push lever to load, unload

mail bags while car is still in motion. 7-inch car runs on ele–

vated fiber track about


ft. around. Order 1 "D" battery

left. 6 plastic track supports, baggage platform, "mail bags."

49 N9520-Shipping weight 1 lb. 9 oz.......... . .. .. . . .$4.77

Wind-up Train on Scenic Base

Look at it go! Speeds around curves, through a tunnel and a

land of colorful scenery. Train energizes the railroad crossing

-sempahore moves up and down as train passes. Grooved

track guides train. Travels about 20 times around base on one

winding-or over 100 feet of travel, Plastic locomotive with

attached key, spring-wind motor .. Etbographed metal tender

and car. Colorfully decorated metat.base about 22x13 inches

wide; train about 11 inches Jong.

79 N9511 C-Shipping weight 3 pounde... . ....... . ... .$2.69