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like a heavy winter coat

This Sleeping Bag completely surrounds you

with thick fur-look acrylic pile


2% pounds

of Vycron® polyester insulation-one of the

very best fills for keeping its loft and warmth

year in and year out. Fully machine washable

Machine washing (warm temperature) not only keeps this bag fresh and sweet–

smelling . . it also restores the fluffiness and insulating power to the



of bag zips into a wind-stopping hood for your head. Snug mummy-style bot–

tom.Two-tone black and gray nylon cover. Red Sani-Gard cotton-backed pile

lining resists mildew and odors. Weather-stripped zipper. Finished size 33x71

inches. I.D. tag. Duffie-bag case adds ease to toting.

6 N 8273-Shipping weight


pounds 8 ounces...................... $29.00

Youth-size Sleeping Bag .. soft SANI-GARD

cotton lining resists mildew and odors





Steel Toboggan



14 to 15U inches wide (depending on

length) with deep-grooved runners. Rust

resistant. Durable polyethylene tow

rope and hand rails. From Canada.

5-jool longlh.

Carries 3 riders.

6 N ll 125N-Shpg. wt.


lbs.. $5.97

6-foot longlh.

Carries 4 riders.

6 N 11126N-Shpg. wt. 16lbs.. 8.27

7-foot length.

Carries 5 riders.

6 N 11127N-Shpg. wt.18 lbs.. 10.47

SHIPPING NOTE: All toboggans are sent

fTeight (rail or

truck) or express

Specially proportioned

for youths. 33x67-inch

finished size. 2 lbs. of

quilted Estron® ace–

tate insulation .. can't

lump together. Cotton

broadcloth cover sheds






per. Vinyl bottom pro–

tects bag and sleeper

from damp ground.

Rolls and ties for

carrying. I.D. tag is

included. Olive color.

hipping weight 4


6 N 8237 ...... $7.43



Hardwood Toboggan



15U inches wide with strip construction

and 2 heavy runners. Sealed and finished in

clear varnish. Chained hood. Polyethylene

tow rope aud hand rails. From Canada.

5-jool length.

Carries 3 riders.

6 N 11135N-Shpg.wt.14lbs.... $10.47

6-foot length.

Carries 4 riders.

6 N 11136N-Shpg. wt. 16 lbs.... 13.97

7-joot length.

Carries 5 riders.

6 N 11137N-Shpg. wt. 18 lhs.... 17.67

Zip 2 of these bags together and

you've got a double bag that's a

foot wider than a full-size bed

With 3 Ibo. Vycron®


With 6 lbs. Astrellte


Polyester Insulation

olefin Insulation

Air mattress pockets on both sides of

bag. Pocket on


holds mattress for

second sleeper when you make a double

Pocket keeps inflated


under you, even on a slope.

Weather-stripped 100-inch TALON zipper. Dark green cotton

cover shrugs off moisture. Gold-color Sani-Gard cotton lining

resists mildew, odors.

Finished size 33x75 inches. Drawstring case.

Insulated with 3 pounds

of Vycron polyester.

6 N 8235-Shipping weight 8 pounds................$17.44

Insulated with 6 pounds

of Astralite olefin.

6 N 8302L-Shipping weight


pounds.........•.... 17.93

No Money Dovvn



Sears sells

Our Finest Hardwood Toboggan

.. it's a full 17 inches wide



length without


Strip construction, plus 3 extra-heavy runners sweep you over

bumps. Sealed and varnished to shed water . . resist warping.

Full-length heavy-duty rope hand rails. Pad not included.

6 N 1101 N-5-ft. length. Holds 3 riders. Shpg. wt. 15 lbs..$14.47

6 N 1166N-6-ft. length. Holds 4 riders. Shpg. wt. 18 lbs. . 17.97

6 N 1167N-8-ft. length. Holds 6 riders. Shpg. wt. 27 lbs.. 22.97

Plastic-coated cotton Pads.

Sorry, no choice of


or color.

6 N 11116-3,!;2 ft. for 5-ft. toboggan. Shpg. wt. llb.12 oz....$2.74

6 N 11117-472 ft. for 6-ft. toboggan. Shpg. wt. 2 lhs. 4 oz.... 3.37

6 N 11118-572 It. for 7-ft. toboggan. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz... 3.97

6 N 11119-672 ft. for 8-ft. toboggan. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz.... 4.74