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44-piece Soup and Sandwich Set. Perky pink–

poodle design on white plastic for the little lunchers.

Has soup bowls, luncheon plates, cups and saucers,

large soup tureen, soup ladle, salt, pepper shakers,

white plastic cutlery, paper napkins.

49 N 957-Shipping weight 1 pound ... Set $1.88

32-piece "First lady" Tea Set. Stately service for

afternoon tea and crumpets with friends and digni–

taries. Metal plates, saucers. Plastic cups, goblets,

sugar bowl, creamer, teapot; silverware-look cut–

lery. Paper napkins.

49 N 943-Shipping


1lb.10 oz.....Set $1 .88

32-piece Aluminum Party Perk Set. Just like Mom's

with percolator and 6-inch chip 'n dip tray. Invite

friends for snacks again and again-dishes never

lose their bright gleam . . edges rolled for safety.

Percolator even has cord with suction cup "plug".

Service for 4 has cutlery and paper napkins.

49 N 969-Shipping weight 1 pound .. .Set Sql8





including cups,

saucers and plates

and tableware for

your little hostess.

Sears offers you a

choice of 7 sets


34-piece Dainty Blue Daisy Pattern

lithographed on metal-sized for lit–

tle ladies and their tea-time guests.

Teakettle, 9x14 in. tray, large guest

plates, dinner plates, cups and sau–

cers, cutlery, napkins.

49 N 959-Wt.1lb.12 oz. Set $1.88

37-piece festive-color Plastic Set. Four bril–

liant colors set off with silver-color cutlery, but–

ter and cake knives. Teapot, sugar bowl,

creamer and service for 4 with tumblers, nap–

kins .. all set for party-time.

49 N 956-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.


oz..... Set $1.88

27-piece Breakfast Set •• Mechanical metal

toaster actually pops up, ticks like a real one.

Gay leaf pattern on metal 10-inch tray, plates,

cups, saucer. Plastic pitcher, cutlery.

Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces.

49 N 963................. .... .... Set $1.88

39-piece Bright Red Cherry Jubilee pattern ..

so modern on bright white styrene plastic. Set

includes Italianstyle teapotwith cover, creamer,



and butter dish. Modem-style

service for 4


white plates, red cups, white

cutlery, napkins and tumblers.

49 N 960-Shipping


1 lb: 10 oz. Set $1.88

26-piece Blue Willow China Set. Delight a small girl with this service for 6 ..

actually a miniature version of a grown-up set. Traditional Blue Willow

oriental design on white. Set includes 6 cups, saucers, plates; casserole, 6-inch

platter, teapot and sugar bowl with covers, and creamer. From Japan. Boxed.

Perfect for the dainty little miss.

Plastic Play Food. Time for playtime dinner .. luscious-looking meats,

fish, vegetables, bread, rolls, eggs, desserts. Plastic place mats, candle.

90 pieces. Serves 6

60 pieces. Serves 4

49 N 966-Wt. 6 oz. .. Set $1.97

49 N 967-Wt. 5 oz.. Set $1.47

49 N 932-Shipping weight 3 pounds 8 ounces...... ......... .Set $1.99