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She gets everything a young beauty wants ..

even cosmetics by Tussy and a brush-comb set

Budding Beauty Vanity by Marx $999

What a hu.-urious way to "pretty up" .. makes any young miss feel like

a queen. Provincial-style vanity table is beautifully shaped, delicately



sturdy plastic. Compact center compartment with flip-top

mirror holds comb and brush set, mirror, jewelry (bracelet, ring and

locket). Cosmetics include: lipstick, 2 beauty soaps,


bubble baths,

after-bath powder, toilet water and hand lotion. Nail polish and remover

for manicures. Informative booklet of "beauty hints," too. 23x24 inches

wide. "Tufted" plastic hassock with extra storage compartment inside

stands 127'2 inches high. Partly assembled.



1304L-Shipping weight 13 pounds..... .. .. . ........ . .. $9.99

My Secret Heart Safe


The perfect hiding-place for

every girl's mementos. Molded

polypropylene plastic safe has

lock with 6 easy-to-change

combinations. Pink.. 7x7 in.,

room for picture of the reign–

ing favorite. Shpg. wt. 9 oz.



1317 .... . . . .... $1.66

Dresser and Bench Set-just her size


Plenty of room for all her beauty aids and even room for books. Helps

her keep things neat and orderly. Center cosmetic shelf, 2 drawers and

4 open shelves. About 37x33x12 inches deep. Plastic-framed glass mirror.

Sturdy pieces made of reinforced, corrugated fiberboard . . natural wood

finish. Unassembled .. parts lock together. Accessories not included.



1342C-Shipping weight 8 pounds ..................... $3.97

Vanity and Bench .. matching Wardrobe


Perfect accessories for every little girl's room. Vanity table with lift-up

mirror, spacious compartment below for "cosmetics" .. about 21x27x15

in. deep. 11-in. round bench with gilded. vinyl top. Spacious wardrobe

about 29x17x10 in. deep, perfect for holding <loll clothes .. drawer at

bottom. Reinforced fiberboard, natural woodgrain finish. Colonial print

design. Unassembled.



1351C-Shipping weight 14 pounds .. ...... ....... .Set $6.99

Make-Up Kit


Jr. Miss won't raid

mother's cosmetics now.

Includes 18 pieces: lip–

stick, rouge, powder puff,

4 nail groomers, bubble

bath, mirror, etc. Vinyl

case. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.



1371. .... $2.97

Jewelry and Chest


A "treasure Piest" of

metal jewelry: neck.laces,

earrings, rings, bracelet,

tiara in 7x5x3-inch vinyl–

covered case with tray.

llc Fed. Ex. Tax incl.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb.



1340E..... $2.97

Cosmetics Set


"Fair Ladies" learn

habits of cleanliness and

beauty with cologne,

hand lotion, soap, bubble ·

bath, comb, brush and

mirror. 10% Fed. Ex.

Tax, incl. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.



1348E . Set $2.97