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14Y, inches long .. 4 inches

wide ..


inches high

6 Precision Tools in


Save $32.40 on Multi-purpose Lathe

with 3-iaw Chuck and Power Feed

Separate prices total

$209.40. Use as lathe, miller, surface grinder, polisher–

grinder, hand drill or drill press. Light, compact,

accurate to .0005 in.

Detachable headstock mounts to cast-aluminum lathe bed or on vertical

column, rotates 360°, locks at any angle. Belt-driven spindle drive. 11 speeds

from 900 to i200 rpm. Motor develops 1/ 10 HP. Ball-bearing spindle has %-in.

quill feed, spring return. 6.90 in. between centers. 3-inch swing (lY. inch over

carriage). With %-inch capacity tool post. vertical column, adapter, 2U-inch

3-jaw universal lathe chuck, U-inch standard


chuck and key, power feed

attachment, grinding wheel arbor, face plate, lathe dog, 2 dead centers, slotted

adapter, pinion and hand lever. drive belts, alignment pin, tool bit, manual,

Allen wrench and case. 4Y,-ft. 3-wire cord; plug adapter. 110-120-volt, 60-cycle

AC. UL listed. Guaranteed I year . . see page 205.

99 N 21601C3-Made in Austria. Shipping weight 37 11ounds ..




10-inch Radial-arm Saw

with color-coded controls

for fast setups

Imagine gell-ing all these features at such a



10-in. combination blade with

%-in. center hole; 3-in. max. cutting depth (2%-in. at 45°). 25Ys-in. ma.x. width

of rip. 15)1-in. max. crosscut width in I-in. stock. Anti-kickback device. Miter,

bevel and rip scales. 8x


Vis-inch dado size; 2-inch ma.ximum cutting depth.

Manual brake. Direct-<lrive 3450-rpm capacitor motor develops 2 HP. On-off

switch with key lock. 36x27-inch table. 8-inch height adjustment. 2%-inch diam–

eter column. Back end of %-inch arbor has J1-inch x 20-thread for accessories.

Permanently lubricated ball bearings on carriage. 4-ft. 3-wire cord; adapter.

110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. UL listed. 36x38x27% inches high. Stand not includ–

ed (see Big Book). Guaranteed 1 year .. page 205.

99 N 2945N-Shipping weight 100 pounds... . .... .

......... . .•.... . . $194.50

Save $26.16 on CRAFTSMAN®

100-piece Mechanics' Tool Set

A value



Separate prices total $106.15.

GUARANTEE: If any tool


this set

fails to give complete satisfaction, return it for free replacement.

\4-inch square drive parts:

Nine 6-point sockets (


/is to ,J.-2-in.), 3-in.

ext. bar, 6-in. flex "T" handle, Permanex® polyethylene case.


square drive parts:

Seven 12-point sockets (% to ;Ii-inch),


Vio-inch spark plug socket , fine tooth-quick release ratchet, 3-inch ex–

tension bar, cross bar, 10-inch flex "T" handle.

Y2-in. sq. drive parts:

Twelve 12-pt. sockets (




to l1/i


-in.), tine

tooth-quick release ratchet, 2 ext. bars (3 and 6-in.), universal joint.



14-piece hex key set, 10-piece combination ignition wrench

set, 6 box-end wrenches ()4x


/is-inch to %'.xYs-inch), 6 open-end

wrenches ()4x


/is-inch to ;!ixYs-inch), 5-pc. punch and chisel set, 4

screwdrivers (


/isx4-inch, 34x6-in., No. 2 Phillips, stubby), 6;!-:£-inch

slip joint pliers, ignition pliers, ignition gauge, hacksaw with pkg. of

10 hacksaw blades, steel tool box (20x8)1x9)1 in. high) with tote tray.

99 N 33141C-Shipping weight 28 pound•......... . .. ... .. Set


Rock polishing



Tumbler and

Grinding Kit

Everytlti11g for making gleaining gem stones and jeu.•elry.

Kit includes


pounds of exotic stones from ·India, Brazil and Mexico as well as the United

States, plus au assortment of 33 jewelry fittings.

Tumbler holds 6 pounds of material. Heavy-gauge welded steel drum

with tough synthetic rubber removable liner and neopreL1e gasket to re–

sist leakage. Aluminum and steel base. Enamel finish. Extra-large nylon

bearings for quiet operation, long 'life. Fan-cooled enclosed motor (110-

120-v., 60-c. AC; UL listed). With belts, pulleys, 6-ft. cord, instructions.

13x11)4x!2Y. in. high. You 2.lso receive three packages of silicon-carbide

grinding compound (80, 220 and 400-grit); one package of polishing com–

pound; package of polishing pellets; 1-ounce tube of cement.

Y99 N 14158C-Shipping weight 28 paunds. Kit