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Rowing exerciser



Catch the wave of excitement!

The deluxe contoured padded

seat and deluxe hydraulic

cylinders give you a smooth,

flowing rowing action. Picture

yourselfgliding across the water

with sure, hard strokes



can almost feel the current; the

current of exhdarat1on created

by hot, high-tech sty/mg and an

invigorating workout! Twm

aluminum extruded beams for

rugged durabdity; special

pivoted chrome-plated arms

work independently or m

tandem to duplicate natural

rowing action. Adjustable

tension mechanism, pivoting

footrests with ad1ustable straps.

Seat glides on ball bearing

rollers. All pivot points have

pre-lubricated bearings. Measures

36x59xZO inches high.

Unassembled. See


" suffix note,

p. 335 and exercise note, p. 401.

Was $349.99 in our 1985 Spring

Big Book, p. S 11. WI. 60 lbs.




. ..