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Save s30

when you buy both construction

kit and wheelie kit

New at Sears!

3-dimensional Omagles™ p lay kits


ship, a climbing frame, a space capsule,

a castle

.. .

the adventures are endless.

Not just fun for your children, it'sa tool for

them to develop their creativity and

alertness. All connecting, co/or-coded

components are made of break-resistant,

rustproof polypropylene plastic. They

fasten together with a patented locking

device that's designed to help prevent

children from unlocking them during play.

Full-color illustrated booklet shows how to

construct the play-frames. o sharp

edges; no tools required. For ages 3 to



years. Warranted by manufacturer. Write

for free copy, see page 335.

Construction kit contains 720 components

including panels for building climbing sets,

chairs, tables.

49 E7 7751- Wt. 73 lbs . .



Wheelie kit lets children broaden their

creativity, with


74 components, plus 4

wheels. Build shopping carts, go carts.

49£17757 - Wt. 74lbs ...$59.99

Save $30 when you buy both construction

kit and wheelie kit

. ..

build toys like

airplanes, shop stands and more! Separate

prices total$ 779.98.

49£ 17762- Wt. 27 lbs .. .Now


esears. Roebuck and Co.,


Prmted m the

U.S.A. lllustrat1ons With WINNIE-THE-POOH

characters Copynght


Walt Disney

Productions. All nghts reserved