Happy Holidays 2017 and the official return of Sears’ iconic Wishbook!!!

Hello WishbookWeb community!  As we move past Halloween we are in prime “Wishbook” season.  This is the first holiday season for the relaunched version of WishbookWeb and so we are extra excited about it.   I hope this season is one that will prompt you to enjoy the WishbookWeb resource and that the site will help bring more joy and spirit to your holidays.

It’s also my pleasure to share some pretty big news! Many of you may not have heard but Sears has resurrected their beloved Wishbook!  It’s true!!

It’s so great to see Sears bringing back their iconic Wishbook.  Hopefully it will capture the spirit of the original while still appealing to modern shoppers!   As I understand it, this is primarily an online catalog:

Customers can access this year’s version online, although “Sears’ best customers” will also get a limited edition copy in the mail, the retailer said.

“From drains to drills to dresses…from tools to TVs to tablets, we’ve got your back! We know the holiday hustle is on! And we’ve got you covered with the Wish Book,” Kelly Cook, chief marketing officer for Sears and Kmart, said in a statement. “Our members told us they missed the Wish Book, so we had to bring it back, but in a special way that lets you share more joy wherever you are.”

I also wanted to alert you all that I’ve added Google Adsense ads to WishbookWeb in order to help us to continue to grow by providing some ad revenue to put back into the site.  There are additional improvements to the site that I’d like to make but do not currently have the resources to make them.  I hope that the ads are not intrusive to your experience, but as with everything, if you have thoughts we’d love to hear them.

As always, the commitment and promise that WishbookWeb will always be a freely available resource to anyone online has not changed.  We just want to find ways to make the experience even better for you.

Happy Holidays!!!

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  1. Love, Love, Love this site!!! Being born in 1959 I can go back at look at the toys I played with, the outfits and pajamas I wore, home décor, the styles, the hairdos, and the low prices! I love that I can also share this with my kids, they get a kick out of looking at the “corny” styles of the 60’s and 70″, But more than that, they can browse the pages of the Wishbooks they looked at in the 80’s & 90’s, and see all the toys they circled when browsing and making their Santa’s List.
    I am a very nostalgic person, so when I found this site (around 8 or 9 years ago), I was in my glory!
    Thank you for taking the time to do this, so that all of us nostalgic folks can revisit our childhoods, and relive those happy memories time and time again.
    I do hope one day you can find a BASCO or BEST Catalog; loved those when I stopped playing with toys, and fell in love with Jewelry :o)

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