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Now! Make it an electrical Christmas

Fully automatic Electric Iron

• Light weight, about 3 pounds, easy to use

• Thermostatic control-fabrics last longer

• 1000-watt, fast-heating, long-life element

• Irons ruffles, under buttons, etc. easily

Automatic Electric Heating Pad

•Attractive, blanket-cloth cover is washable

• Moisture-repellent case protects element

• 3 positive heats- low, medium and high

• Approved. by Underwriters' Laboratories




• 1320-watt, long-life, heavy duty element

•Reflector spreads heat over a wide space ..

•Quick, clean, extra heat. for any room

• Portable . .. plugs into any standard outlet


Replace your old iron with this streamlined,


A low cost appliance that every family needs.


The whole family will enJoy the quick, comfort-

fully automatic iron. Set thermostat for desired

Soft, cotton and·rayon blanket-cloth cover, with

able warmth early in th\' morning, in the bath-

heat-avoid unseen scorch that rots fabrics, fades


is removable for washlng--easy


room, etc. Recommended as auxiliary heat for any

colors. Dial plainly marked for various fabrics,

keep sanitary. Pad is flexible; apply its thermostat-

medium size room. No grease, no smoke, no odor.

"high," and " off'' (see above). "High" is for press-

ically controlled heat anywhere on the body with

Metal guard. Sturdy, tubular steel base. \Nelded

ing especially heavy materials. Back of iron is

greater efficiency, comfort, and convenience. Three

construction. Metal case.has bronze color, baked-

rounded, glides smoothly. Cool, comfortable han-

circuits; four thermostats-1 for each heat and 1 to

on enamel finish. With 6-foot cord and plug. Ap-

dle. Complete with 6-foot cord set. Approved by

limit maximum heat. With cord, plug, and


proved by Underwriters' Labs., Inc. Length, 18

Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.

For 110- 120-volt

position switch. Size, 15x12 in.

For 710-120-volt

in.; depth, 12¥. in.; height, 11.)4 in.

For any


A.C. limit: 1 iron to a c•lStomer.

A.G. limit: 1 pad to a customu.

120-uolt current. L·mit: 1 heater to a customer.

20 N 6218-Shpg. wt., 3 lbs.


oz .. .. . ..$6.95

20 N 6962-Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 2 oz . . .....$3.75

20 N 7187-Shpg. wt., 14 lbs.

. ...... $7.69

Solve your Christmas gift problems early. Order


Electrical Appliances now on Easy Terms. See