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Christmas Givin[J


Reversible Ski-trooper's


• • •

Two layers of fine, Sanforized (won't shrink over 1


combed cotton poplin-one white, one olive drab-ZeJ–

an ized for durable water-repellency. Marvelously com–

plete protection. You can be snug and dry in a cold,

wet outdoors at amazingly little cost. Read how below.

Light in weight, easy to carry, easy to handle-over the head

in a second, either side out, and you're covered from head to

knee against rain, sleet, snow, wind or cold. Lay back hood, let

hang free for roomy comfort, even over bulky sweaters or mack–

inaw coats. Average length, hanging loose, about 38 inches.

When the storms come, you' re ready: wolf fur-trimmed hood

adjusts around face with drawstring and snap button on back of

neck; 3-button neck opening closes with a wide overlap; storm

tabs button down over pockets (either side out you have deep

pockets, plus access to inner clothing).


desired, pull bottom

drawstring tight around waist to shut out wind or wetness from

below; you'll have leg freedom, plus protection- see small view.

The army paid many dollars more than our low price to you.

It's a bargain-and it's a perfect gift. How about taking it

along to a football game? Skiing or skating, chopping wood or

feeding the stock; into the woods or into town? Don't wait!

Send for it today! Shipping weight 4 pounds 1 ounce.



you have a 38, 40 or 42-in. chest, order size medium; if

44, 46 or 48-in. chest, order size large.

State medium or large.

41 N 5166-:Reversible white and olive drab parka .. . ...


How to i.teasure f o r Parka and Jackets:

Measure chest

around body over garments you'll wear underneath. Keep tape

well up under arms, over shoulder blades in back. Number of

inches is your size. Measure carefully, make no allowances.

Hercules pile lined Sportswear

Practical new blouse styles make superb gifts. Both

have 100% wool pile linings and water-resistant outer

fabrics for maximum comfort and minimum weight


Lightweight Zelan-treated cotton Poplin.

Smartly comfortable, yet low priced. Extra

warm because of double-faced pile body lining

(100% wool pile on



of a cotton back that is

40% of entire lining). Sleeve lining


a quilted cotton. twill

with 100% wool interlining. Sanforized-won' t shrink over

1%, Zclan-treated for durable water-repellency. Striped

knit collar, cuffs and waistband 21 % wool, 21% rayon, 58%

cotton. Slash pockets, zipper closing. Average length, 27 in.

State si<:e chest

34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 inches.

41 N5159-Brown. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 7 oz . . . .. $ 9.18


Flying Jacket style for heavy duty wear.



M ighty 13-ounce J ungle Cloth-toughest

cotton fabric we' ve ever sold or seen, so tightly

woven as to be water and wind-resistant. Lining is 18-ounce

50% wool, 50% alpaca pile on cotto'1 back that is 48% of

entire lining. Mouton collar (lambskin treated against spot–

ting and curling). 100% wool worsted knit wristlets and

bottom. Jungle Cloth lining in deep slash pockets. Zipper

closing. Average lengt.h, 26


inches. Designed to give long

wear for work or sport under the most rugged conditions.

State chest si<.e

34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 inches.

41 N 5165-0live drab. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 9 oz ... . . .$14.95