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Tubular Steel Table with two Chairs

Thrift-priced Set-Wood Table and 2 Chairs

Youngsters will love this attractive, modern set.


Built to take the roughest treatment. Smooth ply–

wood table top measures 26x20 in.; 20Yz in. high.


Built of strong hardwood; smooth dark maple fin-


ish. Table top 24x18x%: in. thick; 21


in. high.



Enameled in light gray with colorful center decoration; neatly

grooved-in design around edges. Rigid %-inch diam. tubular

steel legs enameled bright red, are easy to attach; screws

included. Matching chairs of %-inch dia1neter tubular steel

have plywood backs and 11 Yzx10-inch seats, 11



from floor. Overall height 21


inches. Shipped set up.

Screws included to attach legs. Curved ladderback 3 -pc. set

chairs, 11 Yzx11 Yz-in. slat seats; 12 in. from floor; come set up.

79 N 08464M- 3-pc. set. Shpg. wt. 24 lbs. Mailable . . . $8.89


79 N 08563M- Matching Chair, same construction as above:

Order an extra one for large "families." Shipping weight

9 pounds. Mailable ... . . .. ..... . . . ......... . ...... $2.79


79 N 08407M- Matching Rocker with arm rests. Sturdy hard–

wood construction, dark maple finish. 11 Yzx11 Yz-in. slat seat

about _10Yz in. from floor. Shpg. wt. 12 lbs. Mailable . . . $3.39

79 N 08455-3-piece set. Shpg. wt. 30 lbs. Mailable.$ I 2.98





Terms, pay


the month. See page




Beautifully carved,

paneled backs of solid


mahogany-finish bard-.

wood. · Doweled and

glued. Padded seats

covered with assorted

colorful fabrics. Height

21 in.; seats 10%'.xl1

in. Mailable. Shpg.

wts. 8 lbs., 7 lbs.


79 N 0841 3M–

Rocker•. . ...



79 N 0.841 2M–

Chair ...... $6.19

.Steel Rocker


Big value •••

price slashed!

Enameled· red.


shaped 10Yz><10%:–

in. seat, 9%; in.

from floor. ISYz in.

high overall. Stur–

dy construction.



rockers .

of I-piece steel.

Screws for assem–

bling included.

Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.


New Steel-covered Toy Chests


Ideal for storing youngsters' toys ••. roomy,

beautifully decorated, built to take abuse!

Strong, bright blue steel over sturdy wood–

colorful paper lining inside. Edges have black

metal binding; metal corner reinforcements.

Strong metal lock and key. Leather handles

for easy carrying. Lid has metal chain holder,

2 metal handles for lifting.

79 N 08465-Chest, 28Y2x 14Y2x15 in. high.

Shpg. wt. 25' lbs. -Mailable ..........



79 N 08457-Chest, 24Y2x12x12 in.

high. As above, .but with 2 metal snaps

instead of lock and key. No metal handles or

decorations. Shpg. wt. 16 lbs. Mailable. $6. I9

De luxe Solid Maple Table and Chair Sets

expertly built ••• beautifully finished

•Early°American design with'"worn-edge" table


• &:autifully


beaded legs . .. steel corner braces

3 -pc. set

• High-back chairs, doweled and glued, come set up


designed, expertly built of selected wood, carefo.lly finished

like fine adult furniture . . . this is a set your youngsters will be very

proud to own! Table with 26x20-in. top, stands 21 in. high. Screws


to attach legs. Graceful chairs have 12%'.xl1-in. seats,


m. from floor; overall height 23%'. in. Your choice of two rich

finishes. Shipping wt. 29 lbs. each set: .Shipped freight or express.

79 NM 8444-3-piece set with mellow light mcrple finish .. .


l B.39

79 NM B445-3-piece set with smart light blond finish..... .. 18.39


175 ..