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Activity Box •.. for h ours of fun

\Vhen the youngsters ask "What'll we


do?," the answer is inside this Activity

Box. 10 delightful fun books keep them busy and

happy for hours on end. Any number of exciting

games and other things to do ... Magic Paint

Books that make pretty pictures appear from no–

where ... follow-the-dots drawing game ... ob–

jects to color and paint ... . riddles and mysteries

to solve ... A-B-C and number books. Festive

box contains ten 10x14-inch books, with twenty

pages in each. For ages 4 to 8.

3 N 1853-Shipping weight 1 pound, ......... 44c



Pop-u p Treasure Box

Open the box and up jumps the house where


all the story-book people live ... you can see

Red Riding Hood, Little Miss Muffet, Boy Blue and

many other familiar characters. Tucked inside box are

16 wonderful story books with bright colored covers

and illustrations. Age-old favorites like "Little Black

Sambo," "The Gingerbread Boy," "Hansel and Gre–

tel" and new stories like "The Kitten that wouldn't

wash his face" and "Good Night Stories." Each pa–

perbound book size 7%;x5


inches has 12 colorful

pages. Box size 11 J,ix8



3 N 1854-Shipping weight I pound .. . . , ..... . ..... 44c

Children's Libr ary

Here's a whole library for the price


of one book . . . "Fairy Tales,"

"Mother Goose," and "Animal


Stories"! Children will love these three big

64-page books with full-color pictures on the

cover ... and just watch them exclaim over

the gay and fascinating black and white

illustrations inside! All are board bound and

neatly packed in a cardboard slip-case. Pre–

school and primary.

3 N 1509-3 books. Boxed.



weight 2 pounds 8 ounces).. . ...

. .