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Take your Portable Silvertone

Radio ro the beach ... listen to

your favorite radio progfams

How to have even more fun at

picnics! Tune in the ball game

. . . be entertained by music

en the crowd gets together

and someone says "let's

dance," turn on your Silvertone

Winter sports are lots of tun,

but at the end


a strenuous

day relax with a Silvertone

Take it anywhere, play it anywhere


operates on AC, DC, or Batteries

NEW 1948 Silvertone Portable Radio

• Strong leather handle, detachable leather strap

• Designed so you can play it while you carry it

•Handsome easy-to-clean metal grille; gold color

Includes Batteries; $4 Down


Just a "handful," but man! haw it packs the power and brings in plenty af

distant station reception ! Powerful, precision-built Superheterodyne circuit;

fou r miniature tubes (same rugged design as used in "Walkie-Talkies"), plus recti–

fier. Far your protection, approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.

Amazingly full,

rich tone

obtained from 3?i-inch dynamic speaker. Velvet action

volume control; "geared-down" tuning far sharp, easy "station selection; loop

aerial concealed in front cover. Safety switch shuts off radio when cover is closed.

Smart, attractive case; ivory plastic with tan trim. Size 8Ysx6Ysx372 inches.

Weighs only

6 ~


Operates on 105-125 volts AC or DC current, or on batteries. 67


volt "B"

battery lasts 40 hours; four 1


volt "A" batteries last 80 hours. Buy batteries

anywhere ... can


changed quickly and easily. Wind attached electric cord

inside. of set, out of sight, when not in use.


N 08261-Complete with batteries. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs ...... , . . . . $37.95


N 08260- Without batteries. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs . ... . . ..... . ... . . . 35.65

Silvertone Table Radio

Silvertone Radio-Phonograph Combinations

The ideal gift ! An extra radio for Dad,

Mother, Sister, Brother .. New 1948 model!

$2.50 down

$5 monthly


A sensational va"!ue at this amazingly low price!

Six-tube performance obtained from, four tubes

(two dual purpose) plus rectifier. Four-inch dyna–

mic speaker gives rich, lifelike tone. Automatic

volume control; large illuminated slide rule dial.

Beautiful neutral gray-green flnish harmonizes

well with any decorative scheme. Attractive pol–

ished aluminum grill. Cabinet is fully enclosed . . .

makes a handsome furniture piece viewed from any

angle. Built-in "Radionet" loop antenna.

Operates on I


125 volts, 25- 60 cycle AC or

DC. receives on 530-1600 KC. Size


l,1 8

xl 1


in. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.

57 N 08005- Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. Mailable . $22.95

Silvertone plastic Battery Rddio. Similar in appear–

ance to Table Model Radio


shown on opposite

page. Excellent tone and reception from four



dynamic speaker. Stratobeam Re–

ceptor included. Size


i,1 6

x7%' inches.


N "08200- Without battery.



10 lbs ....... . . . ...

. ... $32.95


NT 8201 - With 400-hour battery.

Shpg. wt. 19 lbs . ........ . .. . . . ... .. . . . $36.45

Sturdy, attractive plastic-ideal for "rumpus

room," children's room, school dormitory


$3 down


$.5 monthly


Give the children a radio for their very own!

Enjoy an "extra" radio for other rooms in the

house! Add music to the "rumpus room" fun!

Think of the pleasure every member of the family

will get from all those things- and buy this StLVER–



It's a radio AND a phonograph, too! It's

strong and durable- made for years of sturdy ser–

vice. It's light-easily carried from room to room.

It's rich, full and pleasing in tone. And Sears amaz–

ingly low price is a factor not to be overlooked!

Handsome, compoct walnut-colored plastic cabi–

net, with built-in aerial. Superheterodyne circuit that

gives you 6-tube performance with 4 guaranteed

SILVERTONE tubes, 2 of them dual-purpose type,

plus a rectifier; 4-in. dynamic speaker. Phonograph

motor starts automatically when tone arm is depress–

ed. Plays 10-or 12-in. records; lightweight tone arm,

sensitive new crystal pick-up, long-life SILVERTONE

needle. Receives on standard 540-1600 KC broad–

cast band; for 105-125 volt, 60-cycle AC only.

Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. Size




N 08070-Plastic Radio-Phonograph. Shipping

weight 12 pounds. Mailable . ... . . . .. . . .. . $29.95



Silverlone Radio for a merrier Christmas.


Sears Easy

Terms . . . see page 2


Compact and handsome walnut veneer–

outstanding in tone and performance!

$4.50 down

$5 monthly


Just check the many qualities that make this the

perfect gift for someone high on your list! It's

compact- radio and phonograph combined in one

trim cabinet! It's strikingly attractive-beautiful

walnut veneers, richly finished, in a smart modern

design. It's superior in tone-with a biggest-possible


dynamic speaker, and the added resonance

and depth that a wood cabinet provides. Its per–

formance is clear-cut and fac-reaching. And (let's

be practical, too


it's surprisingly low priced!

Selective 6-tube performance from 4 guaranteed

S1LVERTONE tubes, 2 of which are dual-purpose type,

plul a rectifier. Built-in aerial'; automatic volume

control that limits fading and blasti,rg. Plays 10-

inch or 12-inch records with the top closed. Phono–

graph motor starts automatically when lightweight

tone arm is moved to the right; stops when record


finished. New, supersensitive crystal pick-up; long–

life S1LVERTONE needle. Receives on standard 540-

1600 KC broadcast band; operates on 105-125 volt,

60-cycleAConly. Approved by Underwriters' Labora–

tories, Inc. Size

12~xl 5~x87i

in. Shpg. wt. 22 lbs.


N 08072- SILVERTONE Radio-Phonograph.

Mailable.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $44.50



245 ..