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a whole

hour's entertainment in

the palm of your hand!

The world's first complete low-cost


This we're sure of: The wholefamily never had so much

fun with ANY gift! HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO!

Record radio program,. ... a full un–

interrupted houri Take recordings

of new hits out of the air ... elim–

inate announcements,


you wish!

Record from phonograph records,

put a full hour program of your favor–

ite artist on wire, or a symphony al–

bum without record-changing pauses.

Record history in the making! Keep

your own priceless, living record

of historic broadcasts - great

speeches, world-shaking ceremonies.

Record through the microphone. Hear

your own voice, speaking or singing

. . . record vocal or instrumental

recitals . . . send "spoken" letters.

Help yourself immeasurably in your

study of public speaking, foreign

languages, or music! Let your own

ear judge and criticize your progress!

You treasure photographs of your youngsters as they looked in each lovable

year of their childhood . . . now keep a PERMANENT record of their young

voices, tool Start a "birthday" 'spool for each member of the family .. . let

them add a few minutes' recording telling what they've done and where

they've been each year. Just think how priceless ii will be in


to camel

There's never been a more fasci–

nating source of party fun! You and

your guests will find it endless

entertainment, hilarious amusement!

Make up your own programs and re•

cord them. You and your friends

can produce playlets, skits, pro–

grams of records or radio music.

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