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Exquisite Silver Plated and Metal Dresser Sets

Beautifully boxed for Christmas gifts


3-pc. Silver-Plated Dresser Set. Gift of a life-

time ... for a lifetime of pleasure. Graceful,

exquisitely shaped pieces are longer and heavier

than lower priced sets. Nylon bristled brush.

13)/z-inch hand mirror and comb. Matching

musical powder box (8 N 9792) shown below;

get it, too, for a complete ensemble.

8N9687M-Gift boxed. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.$9.75


6-pc. Metal Dresser Set. Beautifully fashioned

keystone-shaped set with the shimmering

sparkle of Christmas tree ornaments. Gold color–

ed medallion on pastel background. Nylon

bristled brush.

mart gift case contains mirror

tray with leaf design, two glass cream jars, 12%–

inch hand mirror, hair brush and comb. Avail–

able in either rose or blue. Gift case.

8 N


Shpg. wt. 5 lbs .. . .. $9.75

8 N 09667-Blue.


wt. 5 lbs .. .... 9.75


8-pc. Metal Dresser Set. Real beauty for her

boudoir! The smart, barrel-shaped pieces

have long, attractive handles. Set includes pic–

ture frame, tray, powder jar, crezm jar, Nylon

bristled brush, file, 12%-inch hand mirror and

comb. Rose or blue. Gift case.

8 N 09683- Rose. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs ....$14.75

8 N 09684-Blue. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.... . 14.75


11-pc. Metal Dresser Set. The set that has

everything including a gorgeous gift case,

rayon lined in harmonizine; pastel shades. Fancy

shaped J'ieces have pastel backgrounds with lav–

ish go! colored decoration. Gift case holds

1 3~-inch

mirror, Nylon bristled brush, picture

frame, mirror tray, 2 cream jars, 2 powder jars,

comb, shoehorn and file.

8 N 09642-Rose. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs . .. $19.75

8 N 09643-Blue. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.... 19.75

The Sweetheart Dresser Set

• Beautiful heart shaped gift case

• Lined with gleaming rayon satin

• Fitted with nine exquisite pieces


9-piece Set


The sweetest way of saying "I Love You" is with this

romantic dresser set. The dramatic heart-shaped gift

case lined with rich, colorful satin. Deeply pleated red

rayon satin on top has wide border of puffed white satin

.. . bottom in matching white. 9 luxurious metal pieces

have a rich gold colored fi nish and dainty floral design.

Set has heart-shaped mirror tray,


hand mirror,

hair brush with Nylon bristles set in white plastic, file,

shoehorn, cuticle pusher, comb and 2 powder jars.

8 N 09677-9-pc. Set. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs....•.. $23.95

One-Tune Musical Pow–

der Box. Lovely metal

finish with bright trim.

Complete with puff.


base. Genuine

Swiss Thorens 18-note


State shade:

Pink or Blue. Shipping

weight 1 lb.

Two-Tune Musical Powder

Box. Inside of top has

handy mirror. Simple

design finished in gold

colored metal . .. puff

included. 5



Genuine Swiss Thorens

22-notemovement. Shpg.

wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.

Two-Tune Silver Plated Musi–

cal Powder Bax. Made es–

pecially to match 3-pc. set

above (8 N 9687). Thrill her

with all four pieces. Com–

plete with puff. 4%-inch

base. Genuine Swiss Thor–




Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

Handy Brush Kit. Purse size ... hit

of the season ... she'll carry it

wherever she goes. Small red or

navy blue simulated leather case

(6%x4 in.). Holds small Nylon

bristled brush (5% in.), miniature

Nylon bristled clothes brush and


State color:

red or navy blue

case. Includes 20c Fed. Tax.

Dandy purse-size set ••• each


made of crystal-clear Lucite

8 N 9797 ...... $4.79

8 N 9798 ...... $6.49

8 N 9792M ....... $8.95

8 N 6399E-Shpg. wt. 10 oz.$2.59

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