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12x22-in. Five-game Board

Five thrilling pin ball games everyone en–

joys. Equally good for girls or boys,


young or olrl ! Test your skill at

Bagatellr, Pennants,

Twenty-one, Put-N -Take



Simple rules

for each game included. Big playing surface-12x22-

inch non-warp composition board; colorfully litho–

graphed. Sturdy metal frame, steel spring shooter,

traps, obstacles. All cups and pins are metal-care–

fully set and distinctly marked for scoring all five

games. Supporting leg holds board at correct play–

ing angle. Seven marbles included.

49 N 119-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 8 oz............ $1.39

Sturdy all-ineta l Bowling Alley

... make strikes and sp ares

New! Gold Star Bagatelle

For the Christma,-time of their lives, give

this fascinating game. Fun for girls and


boys, and adults as well. What a thrill they will get

when their marble goes in "double score." Other

opponents will have to work doubly hard to catch

up ... making the game even more interesting.

Each has an equal opportunity to win in this game

of skill. Big playing surface-l 4x23


in. long.

Masonite presdwood playing surface with strong wood

frame. Exclusive "goldstars" are lithographed on

board. Durable spring. Metal pins and cups marked.

7 9 N 0161- 7 marbles included. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..... $2.72

Join in Big Crow Shoot

Test your marksmanship! See if you can

knock the black crows down from their


roost with the steel barreled cork-shooting gun. Gun

is 13%'. inches long and comes complete with 12

corks. Wood posts fit in wood bases and support

the colorful cardboard fence and steel roost. Five

humorous-looking tekwood (wood-center fiber–

board) crows sit on steel roost. Score keeping is easy

as the crow's tails are numbered. Easy-to-follow

rules. Colorful box, 18x6)/2-in. Santa says that it is

one of the most popular items on his list!

49 N 124-Shipping weight 2 pounds ........ Set $1.39

Line up the 10 wood pins- place mechanical bowl-


er and metal ball in position-then release lever.

Away goes the ball ... crash go the pins! He'll bowl any



moving indicator-you can


those pins

he didn't get on the first ball. Lithographed metal alley,

2).1x6x29 inches long. Metal mechanical bowler, 3%'. inches

tall. Ten


pins included.

79 N O149-Shipping weight 3 pounds.............. . .... $ 1.45

Zamboola -thrilling n e w action game

Wait 'ti! you try to 'flip' balls into matching cups!

$I 42

Metal construction, 18x5)/2x6-in. Brightly litho-

graphed. 5 colored balls. Easy-to-follow rules, score card.

49 N 120-Shipping weight 1 pound 6 ounces ... . .......Set $ 1.42

Metal Mechanical Sh ooting Galler y

• Moving ducks on motor driven belt !



• Metal pistols-darts can't fall out!

Wind up motor, flick starting lever, and the revolving

metal ducks move realistically across front of game-fire

away and watch your score pile up! Ducks fall over when

hit and number appears. Revohdng numbered wheel in

center of game affords chance for additional score. Sturdy

metal construction, 14 in. long, 11 in. high. Metal folding

support in back for additional stability. Lithographed in

bright colors-built to take a lot of punishment. Strong

keywind motor with start and stop lever. Set includes two


inch lithographed metal spring pistols and four rubber

tipped safety suction darts for shooting.

79 N 0 297-Shipping weight 5 pounds .......• ,, ...... $3.74

Clown Tar get Game

• 23x14-in. metal target



• Metal target pistol

Grand entertainment at low cost!

Hit 'Poky' on the nose and add up a

good score. It's fun hitting highest

numbers on target and keeping

ahead of your opponents. Color–

fully lithographed target with wire

support. Pistol shoots two rubber

tipped safety suction darts ... ideal

for youngsters. Liven y0ur parties

by having a target game contest–

evervone likes to show his skill.

49 N 298-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs ...• , .. 94•


36 . ,




Do your Christmas shopping

early . ..

buy by mail at Sears. Pay by the month


Sears Easy Terms.


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