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• Our sensationally low price on this train will amaze and please you!

• Six units: locomotive, tender, gondola, cattle car with sliding doors,

side dump car, caboose; 42 in. long. Cars are lithographed stamped steel.

• Big, scale detailed 8-wheel die cast metal locomotive has 4-wheel drive,

Cannonball Express

R ealist ic m echanical Trains

Cannon - ball Exp ress with s pa rks a nd bell

• Six-unit all-steel train over 42 in. long! Crossover track!

• Bell

rings .. . sparks shoot out from smokestack!


Watch it whiz around its big 176-in. figure "8" cross-

over track, bell dinging and sparks flying! Realistic

steam-type locomotive has long-running super-powered

clockspring motor, speed governor, start-stop lever, and

cowcatcher for added realism. Includes: locomotive, tender

and four lithographed cars; coal car, oil car, box car with

sliding doors, and caboose. Also 4 sections straight, 12

curved, one crossover section of track.


N 591 5-With instructions. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs. .... . .


Strea m lined P assenger Train w ith bell

• Modeled after Diesel-type cross-country streamliners.

• Listen to its bell ring as it speeds around crossover track!


About 28 in. Jong. Just like the big Diesel-powered

streamliners real railroads use for speedy cross-country

runs! Four units: Diesel-type locomotive,

two center

coaches, end coach. All-steel; attractively lithographed in

full detail. Locomotive has Jong-running, powerful clock–

spring motor. Built-in speed governor. Start-stop lever.

Crossover track has 176 in. ofrunning length. Four straight,

12 curved, one crossover section.


N 5914-With instructions. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.. . . . .. .


Commodore Vanderbilt Fre ight with sparks

• Four-unit all-steel train about 28 in. long. Oval track.

• Smokestack shoots out sparks as train speeds on!


Long-running, powerful clockspring motor. Built-in

governor. Start-stop lever. Stamped steel; details litho–

graphed. Includes; streamlined Commodore Vanderbilt

type locomotive, tender, gondola, caboose. Twelve sections

of track (4 straight, 8 curved) form 111 in. around.


N 5909-With instructions. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz...


two pony trucks, piston


action, bronze bearings, powerful headlamp.

• Runs forward or backward, fast or slow, by remote control!

Just like being at the controls of a big, steam-type locomotive ! You'll

enjoy hours of fun .. . miles of railroading . .. with this moderately priced

freight set. Run it fast or slow . . . forward or backward . .. start or stop

it . .. all by REMOTE CONTROL. Watch it pull its big load around

the 172 inch figure "8" track (4 straight, 12 curved, one crossover sec–

tion) !1Plcnty of cars-4 in addition to engine, tender! 50-watt Under–

writers' approved transformer (110-120-volt 60-cycle A.C.).

79 N 05936-Shipping weight 9 lbs. A grand gift value at .

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