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Jt's a doll .. a Square

She'll thank you with kisses

for this unusual gift. Here a

gay 17 in. floral silk sq uare is

draped, shaped, than pack–

aged for a picture-pretty doll.

So adorable it can take its

place in her doll collection.

For a versatile accessory ..

she just takes the doll apart

.. and presto she has a hand

rolled square. Hand wash sep–

arately. Shpg. wt. 5 oz.

88 N 4629-Multicolored .... 98c

The Christmas Cm·sagc

As festive as mistletoe .. the

Christmas corsage captures

the charm of the season. Arti–

ficial leaves, ferns, tinkly bells,

bright red ribbon add up lo an

always lovely corsage to wear

clear through the winter. Se–

cure safety catch pin. Plastic

gift box. About 6 inches. Ship–

ping weight 5 ounces.

88 N 2000- Multicolorcd ... 98c

The prize Silk 'Duet

How to please her .. give her two

17 inch· silk squares in dazzling

solid colors. For fashion variation,

one is pleated. Latest trick is to

wear two together for . a compli–

ment-catching accent that shows

she's wise to the latest fashion.

Here's a present in a Christmas

ball gift package that brightens

the tree, then highlights her ward–

robe the rest of the year.

88 N 4624-Bright red, roral

blue. Shpg.


5 oz...... 2 for 98c

The grand gesture

One of the most romantic accents,

the pull-through tie. For all the

changes she'll need here's a navy

blue tie that reverses to a cheery

red accent. Plus a multicolored



tie. Both in

rayon and acetate taffeta. About

6x27 in. Gay gift box. Shipping

weight 6 ounces.

88 N 4611 - Multiculorcd plaid tic,

solid color tic.

.Set $1 .59

Hand-painted Silk

A fashion dream come true ..

bold, eve-catching flowers,

painted artistically by hand,

are as colorful as a Christmas

card on pure silk square.

Glittery gold-color tracings

for seasonal sparkle. A glam–

orous tree topper in plastic

bell gift package. Hand wash

separately. Shpg. wt. 6 oz.

88 N 4612- Pink ombre border

88 N 4613-Medium blueombrc

border.. .

.Each $1 .59

Floral-gay Silk Scarf

Floral bouquets .. charming

as a country garden .. blossom

out on a long hand rolled

scarf. The material: luxury–

soft silk. A gift that's practical

too, because she can wear it

in so many exciting ways.

Hand wash separately. Gift

envelope. About l7x44 inches.

Shipping weight 3 ounces.

88 N 4630- Multicolorcd ... 98c



and get

yo~1r caw lo~

regula rly.


Scars F.asy Terms

sec page 353.


The big fashion


What a gift package! With three

oh·so·new accessories . . and

every one just as glamorous.

There's a silk square (about 32x35

in.) in an unusual heraldic print.

Also a 17 in. harmonizing solid

color silk sq. Both hand rolled:

Hand wash. The third treat . . a.

breath-taking medallion with

hand carved lucite floral center

to alternate with these two squares.

88 N 461 O-Mult1colored coinbi


tion. Shpg.


6 oz.... ... Set $1.98

The Silk treasure

So much fashion, so much variety

in these two silk accents. Pearl–

like beads border a silk triangle

(neckline about 25 inches) for a

·Sparkling accessory. Plus "can't

do without" long scarf (about 17x

44 inches). Hand rolled. Hand

wash separately.

88 N 4614-White scarf; block triangle

88 N 4615- Lt. blue sccrf, red triangle



7 oz.... ........ Set $1 .98



/59 ..