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• Fluff-drying-no sharp wrinkles

• Sun-fresh lamp "sweetens" clothes

• Temperature control lets you se–

lect correct heat for drying

• Automatic timer-set it, forget it



$9.00 Monthly

No more back-breaking loads to carry ... no more exposure to row, wintry

winds. Our finest


dryer brings "sunshine" right into your home; dries

clothes exactly the way you want from damp-dry for ironing to super-dry for

storage. Exclusive airflow system tumbles clothes through heated air currents;

no exposure to direct rays of heating elements. Clothes come out clean, fluffy–

fresh and sweet-smelling. Many pieces need no ironing.

Flexible drying cycle lets you start, stop ... add or remove pieces at any time.

Pilot light signals when drying cycle is completed and dryer has shut off auto–

matically. Sun-fresh ultra-violet lamp "s,·veetens" air, freshens clothes. Interior

floodlight goes on when door is opened. Adjustable thermostat selects proper heat

at touch of dial. Top rear-mounted lint trap. Fan-driven venting system.

Seamless steel cabinet 29x25 hx36 inches high. Flat top provides smooth

work surface. Bonderized and "Flo-Coated" for rust-resistance, and finished

in white Durabond baked-on enamel.


HP motor never needs oiling. Adjust–

able leveling legs. Requirements: 3-wire, 220-volt, 60-cycle AC electric service

(consult your local utility). 4000-watt ni-chrome heating element.



Shipped freight or express from mail order house. Shpg. wt. 202 lbs.

26 NM23880- KENMORE electric Dryer.




monthly.... . ....$189.95

For information on gas dryers, visit nearest Sears order office or retail store.

Adjustable Posture Chair

Enjoy added comfort with "sit–

down11 ironing. 2-way back ad–

justs for height and angle of

back rest. Padded seat and back.

Easy rolling casters. Strong

tubular steel frame, white baked–

on enamel finish. Overall height,

30 in. Seat


in. from floor.

Easy to assemble.

26N05010- Shpg. wt.16lbs. $10.95

• 2 speeds-irons everything

• Double thermostats "even" heat

• 26-inch roll--open a t both ends

• Knee press control • Adjustable

light • Adjustable clothes bars

$5.00 Down

$8.00 Monthly

Break the final link in washday drudgery with the KENMORE Twin-Speed Ironer.



hours from ironing time; no tiresmne standing, bending or lifting. You sit down

while your


does the work. Economical to operate-takes no more current

for week.I


wash than ordinary hand iron.

A light touch of knee or fingertip control brings shoe to roll, automatically applies

correct pressure. Full 26-inch roll handles largest sheets easily; two open ends

simplify doing shirts or ruffied pieces. Double thermostats for even heat distribution

throughout shoe, conveniently placed at eye level. Lap shelf and disappearing end

shelf for added storage space. 3 adjustable clothes bars lock into place at any height

from 19 to 35 inches. Knee press control leaves hands free. Separate motor and heat

switches. Heat indicator light. Hinged cover provides table surface, keeps roll and

shoe clean when not in use. Fully enclosed legs, easy-rolling casters. Gleaming white

baked-on enamel finish, Bonderized for rust-resistance. Illustrated booklet shows how

easily you can iron, press or steam with the


Dimensionsclosed: 34Y:lx16Y:lx

36 inches high. 1/ 10 HP motor never needs oiling.


approved. Requirements:

110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Shipped freight or express from mail order house. Ship–

ping weight 186 lbs. Order now- pay later on Sears Easy Terms.

26 NM23630-KENMORE

de luxe





monthly......... . ..$164.95

Sears guarantus satisfaclion or money back, including transportation charges




$4.00 Down

KENMORE Portable Ironer





Iron automatically in any room in your house.

22-inch open-end roll, full length shoe. Single

roll speed and thermostat. Elbow or hand

operates control lever. Sealed gear case. White

baked-on enamel finish, chrome trim. 1150-watt

heating element. For 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.

UL approved. 27x14x8Y, in. high.

26 N M50BO--Shipping wt. 34 lbs.. .

. .. $39.95



373 ..