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Call-grained Cowhide Wallets







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Imported Water Buffalo Leather Wallets




Sportsman's Calfskin Wallet. Outdoor hunting scene

embossed in deep hand-tooled effect. Smooth brown

calfskin, an ideal gift for the outdoorsman. 1 open and

1 zipper bill pocket. Has coin pocket; removable win–

dows; identification window pocket, and card pocket.

Sliding stay for slim fold. Strong nylon stitching. Wt. 5 oz.

83 N 3063E-Meosures about 3V2

x4Y2 -in.

closed ... ..


Each $3.95


Rich-looking Steerhide Wallet. Embossed with bold

steerhead design. Detachable pass case has 4 swing

windows. Secret, open bill pocket; card pocket. Color rust

brown, Shipping weight 5 ounces.

83 N 3047E_.:.Meosures about 3Y2X4Y2.-in. closed.

. .. Each $2.98




Select Cowhide



Handsome Hand-laced

Top Quality Calf-grained Cowhide in 3 Styles

Handsomely styled wallet with distinctively fashioned hand-laced

edges. Smooth, top quality calf-grained cowhide gives long lasting

service. Leather-covered detachable pass case. Identification window.

Measures about 3



inches closed. Three styles, each boxed.


Two Card Pockets Style. Has secret bill pocket to keep big bills

hidden from sight. Convenient spare key slot.

83 N 3026E-Brown. Shipping weight


ounces........... .. . .... . .Each $2.98


Snap Close Coin Pocket Style. Helps keep his change secure. Con–

venient card pocket. Secret bill pocket. Spare key slot.

83 N 3027E-Brown. Shipping weight


ounces . . ..... . . ...... . .... Each $2.98


3-side Zipper Closing Style. Has open pocket as well as secret

bill pocket. Handy snap coin pocket. Card pocket; spare key slot.

83 N 3029E-Brown. Shipping weight


ounces. .... . ..... ... .... . .Each $2.98

Imported Water Buffalo Wallets with Ecrase Finish

Outstanding gift selection! Imported water buffalo wallet-noted

for its long wear, brilliantly styled with an ecrase (lustrous) finish.

Large capacity 8-view pass case is detachable. Identification window.

Hand-laced with genuine goatskin. 2 key slots. Measures about 3 )/.ix

4).'2 inches closed. Boxed for gift-giving. Choice of 3 smart styles.


Coin Pocket Style. Open and secret bill pockets. Smart gold-color

bar on both pass case and coin pocket snaps.

83 N 3034E-Brown. Shipping weight


ounces.................... Each $3.95


Zipper and Open Bill Pockets. Gold-color bar on pass case. 2 card


83 N 3035E-Brown. Shipping weiqht


ounces. ................ . .. Each



Two Card Pockets Style. Has both open and secret bill pockets.

83 N 3039E-Brown. Shipping weight


ounces................. Each


Exquisite Hand Carved Saddle Leather Wallet


Artistically styled and hand carved by artisans skilled in the

ancient craft of fine leather making. Here is a beautiful, natural

tan saddle leather wallet fashioned for the discriminating man who

deserves the finest. Handsomely hand-laced in a harmonizing brown

color. Detachable 4-window (8 view) pass case with snap close pro–

vides ample carrying room. Convenient stamp and card pockets. 2

spare key slots. Boxed for gift-giving. About 372x4).'2-in. closed.

83 N 3192E-Notural ton with brown lacing.




oz . .. . . . Each


Hand -laced Select Cowhide Wallet


Skillfully crafted of extra-soft boarded cowhide, here is one of

our finest hand-laced leather wallets. It's a soft and supple gift

selection, sure to please 'most any man. Richly embossed finish;

hand laced with long wearing goatskin. Includes a zipper bill pocket,

double-faced swing windows, and spare key holders. Sliding stay

keeps wallet neat and slim.

State color:

brown or black.

83 N 2905E-About

3y,.4 y,

-in. closed. Shipping weight 5 ounces . . .. Each $4.50

NOTE/ All wallet prices include 10% Federal Excise Tax.

@)@]Natural Tan Lambskin Zipper Style Western Wallets.

Fashioned with raised western designs, richly

detailed on natural tan lambskin. Has zipper closing

on 3 sides. Long wearing braid edges. 4 swing

windows; bill pocket, coin pocket. About 3

~x4 ~-in.


Initial Tab Embossed Brown Cowhide Wallet.

Snap fastener for detachable pass case has

gold color initial. Bill pocket. 2 card pockets.

Key slots. All initials except X, Z. Wt. 5 oz.

83 N 2835-About 3Y2X4Y2-in. closed.


initial ..$1.98


Luxurious India Tan Goatskin Wallet. Card case,

(12) 83 N 2810E-3oddle design.

} Shpg. wt. each



(11) 83 N 2811E-Horsehead design

Each $1.98


Embossed Brown Cowhide Wallet. Divid\!d bill

pocket with secret compartment. 3 card pockets;

detachable pass case.

83 N 2834E-Abcut

3Y2 -4Y2

in. closed. Wt.


oz. Each $1.98


Embossed Cowhide in Tri-Tone Brown. Zippered

bill pocket. Detachable pass case; coin pocket.

83 N 2833E-About 3Y2X4Y2·in. closed. Wt.


oz... Each $1.98

24 views (12 double windows). Open bill

pocket; 2 secret bill pockets. 2 card pockets.

83 N 2950E-About 3Y2X4Y2-in. closed. Wt.





New! " Trucker's Wallet" of Top Grain Cowhide.

Zipper pocket plus 2 large pockets for bills,

receipts. Pockets expand, also fold slim. Gold–

color belt chain.

State color

black, brown.

83 N 2996E-About 3Y2x4Y2·in. closed. Wt.


oz... .$3.95