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$3.50 Down on Terms

Fairloom Home Sewing Center

• A Sears exclusive .. serving everv sewing need

• Sleek styling adds beauty to any "room

• Spacious storage for machine, fabric, patterns

• Working surface perfect height for cutting,


Sanded }{-in. Ponderosa pine; completely assem–

bled, ready to finish. Overall 42x13x30 in. high;

drop leaf opens to 42x40 in. working space. Re–

movable shelf. 24x30-in. storage section with

hinged doors. Three side drawers, 7xl 4 in. Rigid

dadoed frame. Shipped freight, truck, or express.

63 N M5100-Shipping wt. 78 lbs..

. ...Cash $34.95

Give Her Electric Scissors

• She will be delighted with the new speed and

ease at her finger tips

• Accurately cuts any weight fabric plus pattern

• Handsome ivory-colored plastic oval body

Just plug in cord, press thumb button. Now

you're ready to cut heavy or sheer fabrics; round

corners, zig-zag .. cleanly, neatly. Thumb button

gives instant stop-start control. Never tires the

hand. Body rests comfortably in palm. High car–

bon steel blades. 12 watt, 110-volt AC only, 6-ft.

UL approved cord. Precision made in Switzer–

land. Smart-looking tan plastic case.

63 N 5221 - Shipping weight l lb. 2 oz......... ....$9.66

NEW! 6 -pc. Dressmaker Set with Pinker

Our Finest Dressmaker Set . . Jewel of a set in

lipstick red leather case with zipper closing. Con–

tains Hearthside Pinker, (same as 63N5214 be–

low); high carbon steel scissors-7}1-in. bent–

handle dressmaker shears, 4-in. double needle–

point embroidery scissors; thimble; spring tape

measure; needle holder with needles. Beautifully

fitted in genuine leather case .. lined in silk. All

items except pinker imported from. Solingen,

Germany, " Quality Cutlery since 1888." Su–

perbly crafted for a lifetime of service.

63 N 5231-Shipping weight I lb................



Hearlhside Pinker. One-piece aluminum frame

and handles . . forged high carbon surgical steel

cutting blades. Cuts through double thickness.

63 N 5214-7V2-in. length. Shipping weight 6 oz....$3.95






For beginners or experts in the sewing circle


Craftsman Dressmaker's Shears. Nickel plated.



handle for close-to-table cutting. Superior

gnndmg-hollow ground assures sharp cutting down

to matched points. A must for evervone who sews.

63 N 511 8-8-in. length. Shipping weight 7·oz. . .. . .....$3.69


NEW. Border Printed Organdy. Permanently crisp

.. misty sheer combed cotton in fine texture. For

aprons, holiday decoration. VVashable. 38 in. wide.

36 N 3100-State color


Shpg. wt. yd. 3 oz... .. Yd.



NEW Curvet Apron Hoops . . Now in Colors. For

. easy-to-make slip-on aprons. Just hem straight

piece of fabric .. slip hoop in. Shape-retaining plastic

hugs waist comfortably.

State waist size

small (20--

28 in.); medium (28-34 ii..); large (34-44 in.).



red, black, yellow, white. \Vt. 3, 12 oz.

63N5137-3 for ...$1.69; 6



$2.99; 12 for ...$4.99


NEW Border Printed Percale. Lustrous .. smooth

cotton .. 160 threads per sq. in. For gift aprons,

skirts; home decorating. Washfast.

Please state color


36 in. wide.

36 N 3257-Shpg.


yd. 4 oz. Yd. 39c; 10 yds. or



[] [I]


Cut-out Tea Aprons. Permanent finish or-

gandy with eye-catching flocked designs ..

no sewing needed, cut around outline, inake quick

aprons to brighten holiday .. or every day. Ideal

"little" gift for friends


relatives; yourself too;

bazaars. Won' t ravel. Washable. Fit up to size 20.

Shipping weight each 3 oz.

[] Two Tea Aprons sold only in units of 2 aprons in

same color.

State color number

16-red flocking on

white organdy; 17-white flocking on red organdy.

36N 3104-Set of 2 aprons in some color.. .

. ...



NEW Tea Apron Set for that cute teasome-two-

some, Mother-Daughter .. plus 5 doll aprons.

State color number

20-red flocking; 21-green flock–

ing. White ground.

36 N 3107-Set of 7 aprons in some color.




Pastel Tea Aprons sold only in units of 2 aprons in

same color. Dainty pastels with white flocking.

State color number

18-white flocking on azure blue;

19-white flocking on special rose.

36 N 3106-Set of 2 aprons in some color. .

. . .77c


NEW Cut and Sew Gift Blouses in Flocked Nylon.

Gay peasant style in dainty pastels flocked with

white or red. Cool, lightweight. Hand washable.

Fits up


size 20. Instructions.

Stale color number.

36 N 8237-Shpg. wt. each 3 oz.


$1.49; Buy 2 for $2.78


NEW Cut and Sew Gift Aprons in Flocked Nylon.

Suits you to a '


Conversational pattern with

gold color. Hand wash. Fits all sizes. Instructions in–


State color number.

36 N 8208-Shpg. wt. eoch 2 oz.


98c; Buy 2




NEW Cut and Sew Gift Pinafore in Flocked Nylon.

For pretty young princesses. Fits size 3 to 6x with

simple adjustment in waist and straps. Hand wash.

Instructions included.

State color number.

36 N 8264-Shpg. wt. each 2 oz.




2 for $2.18


NEW Sewing Secretaries. So neat .. so mod-

ern, you'll be delighted with their many uses,

so will your friends who receive them as gifts. Pins,

buttons, threads, scissors, jewelry, stamps, letters will

be right at )'.Our fingertips. Sophisticated styling for

use at home or a t the office. Strong metal-look plas–

tic. 10 handy sections in top, roomy lower drawer.

Overall I lx4


in. Shipping wt. each 3 lbs.

[) 63 N 5129-Handsame block, brass finish frame ......$4.98


63 N 5134-8right turquoise with black frame . . ..... 3.98


NEW Lady Ann Imported Basket. Seagrass design

woven over wood frame. Removable tray. Tufted


State lining color

red, green, blue. From Japan.

63 N 5139-0verall 5xl lx8 in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs....... ...$3.98


NEW Lady Louise Imported Basket. So smart in

woven willow. Removable sectional tray. Richly

tufted lid. For your favorite seamstress.

State lining


red, green, blue. From Germany.

63 N 5140-0verall 6xl I


in. Wt. 3 lbs...... . ...




NEW Lady Carol Imported Basket. For all sewing.

Two removable plastic trays; 28-peg thread and

bobbin box; 7-section tray. Rayon satin tufted lid.

State lining color

red, green, blue. From Japan.

63 N 5141-0veroll 16x9Y2X7 in. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs........$7.98


NEW Bridal Doll. Here comes the bride .. same as

Boudoir Doll below, only dressed in gleaming

white with veil. Shipping weight each 3 lbs.

63 N 05090 .......... .... Each $4.98; Buy 2 for $8.98


Boudoir Dolls .. in handsome flared circular skirt

of shimmering acetate satin. Hand-painted com–

position face; real eyelashes, mohair wig, plastic

arms, shoes. 26 in. tall. Shpg. wt. ea. 3 lbs.

63 N 05051-State rose or

light blue..



$4.98; 2 for $8.98


NEW Pajama Pal Clown. Watch the circus delight

when they open this present. Lustrous candy–

striped rayon and cotton; back-zippered to hold pa–


laundry. Fun for visits, home or



63 N 5089-Shpg.


ea. 13 oz...... Each $4.59; 2 for $8.39


"Princess" Sewing Basket. Enameled fiber in pas-

tels. 8-pefl" spool holders (no thread), carrying

cord. 6 in. high, 11 in. diameter. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.

63 N



pink., blue, yellow, green.

. .$3.98


NEW " Little Princess" Sewing Basket. Miniature of

"Princess,, above ..


dainty se,ving storage.

5}1 in. high. 8% in. d iameter. Shpg.


1 lb. 8 oz.

63 N 5263-State


pink, blue, yellow, green ........$2.98

NEW Cute "Mother-Doughier" combination of "Prin–

cess" and " Little Princess"



savings when


buy set.

State color

pink, blue, yellow, green.

63 N 5267-Shipping weight set 4 lbs......... .... Set $5.98


NEW Fairloom Siesta Afghan Kit. 1003 lightweight

knitting worsted yarn. Enough 2-oz. pull skeins

to crochet a complete afghan about 45x60



block. Easy-to-follow instructions included.

63 N 5623-Shipping weight kit 3 lbs.. . .

. Kit $10.49

NEW 6-Piece Set


German Im-

port in gleam–

ing nickel plate. 7-

in. bent handle

shears, 5-in. sew–

ing scissors, 3-in.




bone stiletto,

thimble, needles;

custom fitted in

smart leather-like

plastic zipper case.

A gem of a gift.

Shpg. wt. set 14 oz.

63 N 5265- Set.$4.98

New 3-Piece Set



from Italy in

bright nickel plate.

7-in. bent handle

shears, 5-in. sewing

scissors, 3-in. em–

broidery scissors.

Smart leather-like

plastic case, neat

zipper closing.

Ideal gift for be–


Shipping weight

set 12 oz.

63 N 5252- Set .$3.89

Thread Kit


NEW kit in–


eludes Fair–

loom Thread and

re-usable plastic

box. Fine 3-cord

mercerized cotton,

size 50; 24 d iffer–

ent colors for all

your sewing needs.

63 N 5812-Shpg.


I lb. 2 oz. Kit $2.39

63 N 5810- Wt. 14 oz.

Thread only ....$1.89

63 N 5811- Wt. 4 oz.

Plastic box


Sewing Kit


NEW black



tweed plastic case

with zipper clos–

ing. 3}1-in. em–

broidery scissors,

package needles,

needle threader,




spools thread, 10

spools darning



thimble. Ideal gift.

Shpg. wt. 8 oz.

63 N 5135.....$3.75

Sewing Bucket

[]NEW ..

Charming de–

corator Bucket and

cover. Fine white

pine with Salem

Maple finish. Red

colonial print up–

holstered cover.

Hides sewing or

knitting in deep

storage space.

Sturdy. 20 in. high.

12}1-in. wid e.

Shipping wt. 6 lbs.

63 N 05143 .. . .$9.95