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Stale size

small (14-14Y.-inch neck), medium (15-

lSY.), large (16-16Y.), extra large (17-17Y.).

Colorful " Plain and Fancy" Corduroy. Handsome

print front panel with solid color contrasting placket,

collar, sleeves and back. Spread collar.

Stale size


Shipping weight 1 lb. 10 oz.

IA! 33N2788- Beige withbrown IBl 33N2787- Graywithgray

IC! 33N2789- Blackwith red.. . . . . . . . . . .... .Each


4-Star Feature Wrinkl-Shed® Corduroy •. choice

of 11 colors. Dan River 21-wale corduroy. Sunfast,


State size above.

Shpg. wt . 1 lb. 6 oz.

IOI 33 N2764- Flame

IEl 33 N2770- Lt. blue

If) 33 N2771- Smoke gray

IGl 33 N2761 -Dk. green

lHJ 33 N2769- Beige

IJ I 33 N2760-Moroon

IKI 33 N2767- Aqua

1l 133N 2762-Brown

IMI 33 N2766- Maize

INl 33 N2765- Turquoise

IPI 33 N2768- White

Each$4.77. ... ... .. . ... . .. .. .. . .Any 2 for only..$9.44

16-Wale Tartan Corduroy. Handsome, authentic

Tartan designs from the Scottish highlands. Medium

spread collar. Square bottom.




IRI 33N2749- Blackwith white ISi 33N2748-Red with black

Shipping weight each 1 pound Bounces. .. . . . . .Each


HOW TO MEASURE: Measure around neck with taDe

measure. Hold firm, not tight. Number of in. is size.


between sizes. order the larger.

Chest Measurement:

Dlace tape under arms, over shoulder blades. Number

of inches is size.

For (T), (V), (W).


small (34-36), med. (38-40),

large {42-44). (X ) to (MM),


small (14-14}1;-in.

neck), medium (15-15}1;) large (16-16Y.l.

Horizontal Corduroy Jae-Shirt.


gift of rugged

comfort with smart looking horizontal wales. Shirt

styling with the loose fit of a jacket .

State size above.

ITI33N2746- Steel gray IVJ 33 N2745- Cinnamon brown

IWl 33 N2747- Maroon. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 9 oz.•Each $5.90

Tops in New Fashions!


-piece Shirt-Vest. Solid

color flannel shirt with corduroy front made to look

like a vest. Shirred elastic waist for trim fit. Wash–

able- shrinkage Jess than 1


State size above.

DO33 N2795- Light blue

IYI 33 N2797- Brown


33 N2796- Red. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs... . . . . . .Each


Solid Color Zipper Front Jae-Shirt. Sporty styling

in fine 16-rib pinwale corduroy . Washfast, sunfast

colors. Full length zipper front. Shirred elastic back.

State size above

also extra large (17- 17Y.). Shipping

weight each 1 lb. 9 oz.

IAAJ33N2740-Scarlet (BB)33N2742-Dark green




.Maroon. Each


Solid Color 16-wale Corduroy. Quality at a low

price. Semi-spread collar. Washfast , sunfast colors.

I EEl 33N2728- Lt. blue

I FF )33N2729- Charcoalgray

IGGI 33N2724- Aqua

IHH l33N2722- Rust

I JJ I 33N2726- Flatne

I KK133N2721

I LL l 33N2723- Beige

IMMl33N2720- Wine

Stale size above. Wt. ea. I lb. 6 oz.. •


$2.54; 2 for