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Most popular Skillet we,ve ever sold •.

complete with Cover .. nothing else to buy!




features, price, guarantee, we believe no other built-in control skillet

can compare with this 11 )1]-in. Kenmore. Big 4-qt. capacity-fry, stew,


braise, steam, bake. Automatic Heat Control holds exact dialed

heat, "simmer" to 420°. Signal light, fry-guide. Immersible to line on

handle. Cast aluminum, black plastic trim, cord. UL approved. 110--

120-volt AC. 1100 watts. 1-year replacement guarantee.

34 N T6961-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs. Save 50c overseporote Big Catalog prices. ...$14 .49

Complete with Heat Control and Cover!

$28.45 Sunbeam Fry Pon

with built-in control

22 20




cash down

$28.45 Sunbeam Fry Pon

with removable control

$22 70



cash down

The Gift She11 Really Prize

A Chris tmas Combination .. one low price

includes skillet, heat control and cover!

Detachable Control makes them 1003 immersible!

Big 12-in. aluminum Skillet complete

with Automatic Heat Control, Cover

Save 25c over


Big Catalog prices


Controlled Heat cooks.better. Fry bacon

and eggs perfectly every time-'llo-ithout

burn or scorch. Grill steaks, chops to siz–

zling perfection. Heat control has wide range

of heats from "warm" to 425°. Signal light

shows when desired heat is reached. Fry–

guide on handle. Black plastic control, trim.

UL approved. 110-120-volt AC. 1200 watts.

1-year replacement guarantee.

34 N.T6539-With cord, recipes. Wt. 9 lbs..$17.64

Our Best 12-in. Stainless Steel Skillet

complete with Heat Control, Cover



Big Catalog prices


[[] It

looks better-and laboratory tests

prove it cooks better. ·won't pit, rust,

stain or absorb food odors. Big 5-qt. ca–

pacity. Automatic Heat Control provides

wide range ofheats to425°. Signallight,fry.

guide. Black plastic control, trim. UL

approved. 110--120-volt AC. 1250 watts.

With cord, recipes, 1-year "Immediate

Replacement" guarantee.

34 N T6540-Wt. 9 lbs.


down.. ... $25.90


lH-2-inch pan. Automatic

heat control dial, signal

light, fry-guide. Pan washable to

control knob. UL approved.

110-120-volt AC. 1150 watts.

Cord, recipes. Cast aluminum,

black plastic trim. Save 50c over

separate Big Catalog prices!


11 )1]-in. pan. Automatic


heat control removes to · ·

permit 100% immersibility. .


Cast aluminum pan, cover,





34 N T6380-Shpg.


10 lbs.$22.20

. black plastic control. UL ap–

proved. lt0-120 v. AC. 1150

watts. Save 50c over separate

Big Catalog prices!

34 N T63B1-Wt. 9 lbs.....$22.70

See our Big Fall Catalog for 81h, 10\/i, 12\/i-in. size Sunbeam Fry Pans

for matc hing Kenmore Automatic Cookware

in gleamlng stainless Steel or polished Alumi num

Prices start as low as $9.44