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are Fashionable Dolls_


DeDJure and Pretty

Sophisticated Walking Bride. 19-inch doll of vinyl plastic has jointed arms and

legs; turning waist and vinyl head. Rooted Saran hair, lashed go-to-sleep glassene

eyes. Wears heavy rayon satin bridal gown with lacy net ovcrskirt and overblouse.

Net veil, lace-trimmed rayon panties, full length hose, high heels and nosegay. Her

trousseau includes rayon tafiet>t party dress with ruffled half slip; street dress with

matching hat and handbag; gaily printed cotton sundress; lace-edged ninon robe;

bra and panties; extra pair high heels: pearl-like earrings and necklace. Fibreboard

trunk 20J.-iix9)-2x7 in. high has snap latch, metal hinges.

49 N 3677-19-inch doll, trousseau and trunk. Shipping weight


pounds .

. .. $1 1.79

49 N

3676-15-inch doll, trousseau and trunk. As above, but doll does not have turning waist.

Trunk 15V2xlOV2X5 inches. Shipping weight 3 pounds . .. .. ..... ...... . . . ......... . .



49 N 3688-19-inch

doll in wedding gown only. Shipping weight 2 pounds......


49 N 3687-15-inch doll in gown. No turning waist. Shipping weight I lb. 8 oz..





Pert Teenager has all-vinyl body, jointed arms and legs; turning waist and

soft vinyl head. Rooted Saran pony tail hairdo. Lashed go-to-sleep glassene

eyes. Wears full-skirted rayon taffeta dress with gathered waist, scoop neck–

line, "gardenia" at bodice; half-slip; panties, high heels and nylon hose.

Wardrobe: cotton school dress; rayon taffeta housecoat; embossed cotton

coat; denim pedal pushers; rayon taffeta formal; extrahigh heels and nylons;

comb. brush, mirror and 6 plastic hangers. Trunk, 9)ix9)"2x20)i in. long

of enameled steel. Piano-type hinges. 2 snap latches, metal handle. 3

drawers with leather pulls, extra doll clothes hangers.


N 03657-Shipping weight 13 pounds.... ... . .. .. .. .... . Complete set. $16.75

49 N 3671-Doll with wardrobe only. No trunk. Shipping weight 2 lbs.. .


Build your order to $20.00 or more and use Sears Convenient Easy Terms

Low-Priced, Fully Jointed Dolls

• Long-lashed bright glassene eyes that go to sleep

• Rooted plastic hair to comb, brush and set

• All have soft vinyl heads and arms. A,


and C have

firm vinyl bodies. Nurse (D) has hard plastic body

• A,


and C have turning waists to pose so prettily


Grownup walks when guided by hand; bending knees permit

sitting. Wears full cotton skirt with blouse trimmed with gold–

color buttons, belt; natural straw hat; net gloves, net half-slip,

cotton panties. high heels and nylons. Chromspun hair.

49 N 3794-18-inch doll. Shipping weight 2 pounds•. . . . .. ... ...... $7.79

[]] Teena.ger with perky Saran pony tail hairdo.


for a

party ma full-skirted pale blue rayon taffeta dress with metallic

gold-color stripes, fluffy white nylon trim at neckline: attached

half slip; panties; earrings; rosebud corsage; high heels and nylons.

49 N 3656-18-inch doll. Shipping weight 2 pounds. .. .. ...... ... .. $5.79


Undressed Glamor Girl wants style-conscious "little mother"

Wears rayon chemise, full-length nylon hose. high heels. Has

flower spray in long curly Saran hair. For clothing see pages 434-435.

49 N 3696-15-inch doll. Shipping weight l pound 6 ounces. . .......


49 N 3697-18,inch doll. Shipping weight I pound 12 ounces. .


49 N 3698-20-inch doll. Shipping weight 2 pounds.. .



Walking Nurse with "Baby" in Carriage. Nurse has rooted

acetate fiber hair and wears white cotton uniform with blue

trim: cape and cap; knit panties; nylon hose and vinyl shoes. 8-in.

vinyl baby has molded hair, jointed arms and legs. Wears rayon

fleece snowsuit. Flexible vinyl carriage, 8x4xl I


in. long has

movable hood and turning removable wheels.


49 N 3747-14-inch Nurse. Shipping wt. 2 lbs.. . .... . .. Complete set $5.87