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Convenient, self-starting electric Decorator Clocks


A starof shiningbrassfinish

metal. Handsomely de–

signed for the bold touch in

decorator clocks. 24 in. Sturdi–

ly constructed of all metal.



dial in gold color with

black accent. Gold color raised

numerals, black hands. Sweep

second hand.


Unique-lyre design deco-

rator sets a cheerful mood


any room. Airy look of firm

brass . . . blends in well with

any furnishings. 22 in. high. 15

in. wide. 6-in. dial of 2-tone

gold color with black hands.

Gold color numerals, sweep

second hand.


Three-dimensional look

filigree decorator. Actu–

ally stands out from wall.

Stunning in its bright, star

motif of pierced brass finish

metal. 24 in. Elegant satin–

finish bronzed dial intro–

duces a lovely contrast. Red

sweep second hand.


Intricate look of woven

metal in series of geo–

metric shapes. Striking brass

finish metal. 14-inch diam–

eter. Easy to read



metal dial, dark brown

numerals. Ideal for any room.

4 N 7457E- Wt. 4 lbs.... $7.27

Like above but black finish.

4 N 7456E-Wt. 4 lbs....$6.27


Delicate and graceful

scroll decorator. Its sym–

metrical design harmonizes

with any room decor. Love–

ly, modern satin-finish

bronzed metal dial. Black

numerals and hands. 12-inch

diameter. 6-inch dial. Red

sweep second hand.

4 N Ol 459E-Shpg.




4 N 07414E-Shpg.



lbs. $9.77

4 N 07454E-Wt. 4 lbs..



Walnut-finish Westminster Clock


Listen to the melodious chimes call out

the passing hours. Modern design in softly

polished walnut veneer. 8-day precision-made

German movement. 15 in. wide, 8 in. high.

Brass feet. Brass applied buttons and bars as


4 N 07377E- Brass hands. Wt. 11 lbs.......


3-way W eather Forecaster



you'researching for a meaningful Christ-

mas gift, you'll select our handsome im–

ported German barometer-thermometer-hu–

midity guide. Prominent 27-inch height. Con–

structed of walnut-finfah hardwood- most de–

sired for modem living. 7-in. gold color ther–



%-in. barometer. 2-in. humidity

guide. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

4 N 6622- Accurate instrument. . . .... . . . .$ 18.


Runs up to 3 years on

simple flashlight battery

• Set clock and forget it

• Transistor-battery


European elegance coml:iined

with precision-made German

movement. Bright solid brass

parts shine brightly. Remov–

able glass dome case. 9 inches

high. Brass base, legs and

hands. Silver color, 5-inch

dial. Raised bars, numerals.

Shipping weight 8 pounds.

4 N 7286E... . . ..... .



Catalog numbers ending in "E" include 10% Federal Excise Tax

4 N 7451E-Wt. 3 lbs...



Hand-carved Cuckoo-Clock

Mode in the Black Forest

• Decorator white . .. blends in so

well with any color scheme

Now a Cuckoo-Clock that can even be

placed in a bedroom. Unique, silence

mechanism stops cuckoo's calling at

night-t ime. Leaf and bird design. Gold

touched leaves. 1-day movement. 12

inches high. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.

4 N 7315E- from Germany. ... . . .$12.87