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Many extra uses .. because it has two speeds

New Y2-inch "Close-quarters" Drill

Compactly designed aluminum-alloy housing lits

into tight places for hard-to-get-at jobs. Big


in. key-chuck gives you the versatility of an

industrial drill. 372-amp universal motor de–



no-load speed 425 RPM. 14 in.

long; weighs only 7 lbs. 12 oz.




Oil-impregnated bearings; ball-thrust bearing.

Triple reduction gears of hardened alloy steel.

UL approved.

For 110-120-volt, 60-cycleAC, DC.

7-ft. 2-wire cord, trigger switch.

Bit not included.

9 N 25833-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.


down... .. .... $28.95

New \f.i-inch Reversible Drill

(Similar to above.) Drills deep holes easily .. if

chips clog drill bit, just flick reversing switch to

back drill out. Bright aluminum finish. Extra

powerful 4-amp motor for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle

AC, DC. Ball-thrust spindle bearing.


1 yr. UL approved (I ndustrial Standards).


key-chuck, 7-ft. 3-wire cord, adapter.

9 N 2596-Shpg. wf. 10 lbs.

$4 down....

. .


for a complete selection of portable

power tools and accessories



Save $6.87

on Combination offer


2-speed Sander-Polisher plus %-in. Geared Key-Chuck



Separate prices total

$2 288






Choose the right speed for every job. Use high speed


RPM) for smooth finish sanding . . low speed (950 RPM) for safely

polishing wood or metal surfaces without burning wax. Attach the %–

inch chuck and choose high speed for drilling holes up to 72-inch diameter

in wood, or holes up


-inch diameter in metal. Use low speed for drilling

holes up to 1-inch diameter in wood or up


%-inch diameter in metal.

Guaranteed 1 year against defects. UL approved.

Handle mounts on either side of aluminum alloy housing. Trigger

switch has safety lock. For 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Polishing bon–

net, 5-inch rubber back-up pad, 6 sanding discs, 6-ft. cord, key and chuck.

9 N 27765-Drill bif nof included. Shpg. wf. 6 lbs.6 oz.

$2.50 down.•.... . ..



Every home craftsman would like "just one more motor"


Ca pacitor Motor

Guara nteed I full year



motor will mean less shifting

of motors from tool to tool! This superb

CRAFTSMAN has low temperature rise,

with built-in overload capacity to handle

tough jobs and heavy-starting loads.

Manual re-set overload protects against

burnouts. Grease-sealed precision ball

bearings never need lubrication. Use



any position. Easily reversed.

%-in. double end shaft;


/i5-in. key–

way. Cast iron base. On-off switch. 8-ft.

cord and plug. Mounting dimensions

3%;x5 in. For 110-120 volt 60-cycle AC.

99 N 01978K- Y,-HP. 1750 RPM. Overlood

capocity40%. Shipping weight 31 pounds.

$3.00 down ..... . . . . .. . . . .. . .....


99 N 01980K- 'f2-HP. 3450 RPM. Overload



Shipping weight



$3.00 down... . . .

. . .... .


99 N 01979K- '%-HP. 1750 RPM. Overload



Shipping weight 35 pounds.



99 N 01981K- '%-HP. 3450 RPM. Overload



Shipping weight 33 pounds.

$3.50 down .

. . . . . . .. . . . ........ ..

.$ 33.50

New Big-capacity Sander

At last! An industrial-type sander priced

for the home handyman. Uses



of standard 9xl 1-in. sandpaper or special

karbo grit sheets listed below.

Whisks away stock in a hurry . . pro–

duces a scratch-free surface, even against

the grain. Lightweight for easier vertical

or overhead use. For 110-120-volt, 60-

cycle AC. 872-ft. 3-wire cord, adapter.

Does double duty as a polisher .. polish–

ing pad and 12 sheets asstd. grits sand–

paper included .. plus EXTRA Karbo–

Grit Sheet (medium grit).

9 N 768-Wt. 7 lbs. 13 oz.

$3 down .



9N14821-Case for above. Wt.6 lbs. 12 oz. 4.98

Karbo-Grit Sand ing Sheets for above.

Sands twice as fast as sandpaper .. lasts

100 times longer. Made of tungsten–

carbide grits bonded to copper for

diamond-like hardness, yet won't burn or

score work.

State fine, med. or coarse.

9 N 3012-4Y2Xll in. Shpg. wf. 4 oz.. $1.89