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Camp Gear Gifts

Low-priced, but both water-repellent treated

J.C. Higgins Wall Tent. Front

flap. Wood ridge pole and wood

upright pole jointed for easy

handling. Wood stakes fit

through beckets at bottom of

tent. Guy lines stake out from

eave corners. Includes all

necessary sL"3.I ropes. Long–

wearing 6.74-ounce



ric. 7 ft. long. 5 ft. wide. 5 ft.

center height. 2 ft. wall height.

Forest green color. Sleeps 2.

6 N 07727-Wt. 19 lbs..



J. C. Higgins Umbrella Tent.

Awning ties to 2 jointed wood

poles or over door. Collapsible


/io-in. steel wire eave frame.

Jointed wood center pole. Ny–

lon-screen rear window has

outside-tie flap. Wood stakes

fit through cloth loops. Sisal

ropes. 6.74--0unce drill. 7x7-ft.

base. 2"x2"·It. eave.



center height, 4 ft. at eave.

Forest green color. Sleeps 2.

6N07757-Wt.17 1bs...




HIGGINS Sleeping Bags .• meon toasty-warmth


Junior-scout size. 2 lbs. Cela-

cloud acetate fill for comfort.

Bag forms self-<luflle. Plaid print

cloth lining. 36-inch zipper. 34x70-

inch cut size. Water-repellent broad–

cloth cover. Blue, olive drab, or

maroon color (no choice).


N 8237- Shpg. wt. 6 lbs........ $6.





lbs. 1003

virgin Celadoud acetate fill.

Tight-weave gray broadcloth cover,

water-repellent treated. Plaid print

cloth lining. 36-in. Talon zipper.

Interior weatherstrip seals out chilly

drafts. Roomier 36x80-inch cut size.

Bag forms se!I-dufile.


N 8230- Shpg. wt. 7 lbs........



Celacloud-fllled. 3 lbs. 1003 vir-

gin Celacloud acetate fill for e."<tra

comfort. Water-repellent plaid rayon

cover. Gray cotton flannelette lining.

100-in. double-up zipper, weather–

strip. 36x78-in. cut size. Zip case:

snaps on, inflatable plastic pillow.

6 N 08238- Shpg. wt. 8 lbs .......



Dacron-fllled. 2 lbs. 1003 virgin

fiberfill-best man-made filling!

Keeps original warmth, won't lump.

Water-repellent green drill cover.

Gray flannel lining. 100-in. double–

up zipper, weatherstrip. ID tag.

36x80-in. cut size. Zipper case: stuff

with clothes, form pillow.

6 N 8242-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 8 oz..





C. HIGGINS Umbrella Tent! Extra head space, 2-way vents

Nylon-screen door snaps down center, across bottom to 4-inch riser. Extra-wide

awning ties to two jointed wood awning poles or over door. Nylon-screen rear

window has outside-tie flap. Collapsible


/io-inch steel wire eave frame ties


eaves inside tent. Jointed wood center pole. Wood stakes fit through beckets at

bottom of tent. Sisal ropes. 6.74-<>z. drill Mildew-retardent 5.61--0z. drill floor.

7x7-foot base.


eave. 5"-foot center height, 4 feet at eave.

6 N 07756L-Completely water-repellent. Forest green. Shpg. wt. 23 lbs..• .......



New! Roomy foot pocket gives maximum comfort!

Bag folds with zipper in center, forms foot space. Full 3

lbs. 1003 virgin Dacron* fiberfill- keeps original

warmth, won't lump or absorb moisture. Water-repellent

red drill cover. Plaid flannelette lining. Tie tapes for liner.

100-inch zipper- opens wide, lets you join 2 bags.

Two air mattress pockets for extra comfort. Zipper carry–

case: stuff with clothes, snap to bag, form pillow.

6 N 8225- 36x80-inch cut size. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs............





Hundreds more

camping items

designed for


the family